More About Me

Who Am I?
A daughter and sister
A wife and mother
A sister and sister-in-law
A daughter in law
A cousin and aunt
A friend and lover
A confidant

I am lucky that I get to stay at home and care for my family and their needs. I do the school run, pack lunches, make beds, clean bathrooms, iron shirts, cook dinners and tend the garden (to name but a few). I love it that I can be at home to see my kids off to school and be there to help with their homework when the come home.
I enjoy baking, entertaining, photography, bird watching, walking, reading, writing, swimming and keeping fit. I love family days out.
I also work part time for a photographer but this is on a casual basis and generally fits in around family life.
At the height of my career I was PA to two company directors, working long hours to meet tight deadlines. Becoming a mother changed my priorities in life…..for the better.

Cause & Effect
So, how did I get here? I found it difficult to be much more than a housewife and mum and all my attention and energy went into the kids and home. Fair enough you might say, but without realising, by neglecting activity in the bedroom I was slowly damaging my relationship with my husband. Don’t misunderstand me, at no point were we close to separating but we had definitely lost our way; arguments occurred more and I would often walk out to calm down. I went through a period of mild depression and hit rock bottom. I didn’t know which way to turn.

The Solution
We sat down and had open and honest discussions with one another about everything….and I mean EVERYTHING! This was a new beginning. It was evident that our lack of physical contact was the root cause so we set about changing things. Our sex life improved dramatically and some way down the line I confessed to wanting to explore my bi side and my husband confessed to wanting to experience a threesome with another female. A year long search for the right person proved fruitless, but the dream did not end there……..

The Re-Think
Unbeknown to me, my husband had been carrying out further research and suggested we try swinging. I’m not sure if he was expecting to meet with resistance but I agreed instantly and haven’t looked back since…….

Read on and enjoy,
Kate xx