Friday, 30 June 2017

Midnight Musings

I'm ready to admit I've had a trying few months but the past eight weeks have been somewhat draining in more ways than one and the past few hours have been a tad emotional. Without going into all the details, the peace and calm I've experienced throughout the night has brought about a clarity I need to document for my own future reference.

Positivity, agendas and timetables will now be the focus of my days. The need for stability, routine and a simpler life are called for. There will be time for others and time for me. In the real world. Less scrolling, more screening. Weeding the garden of life. More long term planning, more spontaneity. Goal setting without being too harsh on myself.
More reading, more films, more theatre and music. 
New adventures, new experiences - both wild and simple. 
Alone and with others.

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