Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Beneath the Sheets

Birth Announcement

Beneath the Sheets
safely delivered to 
Kate Warren
Monday 14th November 2016
weighing approx 142g

a labour of love

To suggest I am immensely proud right now, is an understatement.

I've been nurturing this baby for the past few months, adding content, reading, editing, formatting and re-visiting most days to ensure I was happy with the final first draft before hittng the upload, print and order button. Once I'd done that, I instantly felt a sense of loss. Not having anything to work on after such focus left me somewhat bereft, but just over a week later, the stork safely delivered a healthy and glossy looking baby. Perhaps a little on the light sight, but that's what this first draft was all about. To be able to pick it up, feel it, touch it, read it - use the senses I was born with to understand what I can possibly do to improve the quality and content. 

As it is, Beneath the Sheets contains 73 pages filled with poetry, prose and fiction along with a collection of images* and blog extracts, most of which hasn't seen the light of day, offering fresh words and photographs which will hopefully stir the senses and lead your imagination down a path of what ifs.

For sure, it does need more content and a hard back copy would be lovely, possibly with a dust cover for added sex appeal but I know this will increase the cost so I need to consider what readers are willing to pay for such a book. One aspect I am fixed on is that this should only be available in physical format and not as download.  I'm a very tactile person. This is how I prefer to read books and this is how I would want you to enjoy mine.

Until the next time,

K x 

* Copyright on all image belongs to Kate Warren.

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