Thursday, 16 June 2016

Judging a Book by its Cover

We all do it, don't we? I mean, we're human beings after all, so its a natural trait, right?

I recently received a message on my swingers profile, from a single guy, asking if I'd like to chat/meet for a drink. I'd already rejected him once, but instead of telling him this, I simply, and politely, declined his interest once again. The message I received back was along the lines of 'such a shame, you can't judge a book by its cover'.  And he is right, of course. You know that and I know that. However, what he failed to give me credit for was doing my homework before replying and of course, respecting my opinion, to some degree. I hadn't judged him by his cover alone. I had read his blurb and furthermore I'd read the reviews, (which were all good), but just because the likes of Nuts and FHM like what they see it doesn't mean The Guardian and The Times will have the same opinion, surely? So therefore its necessary to draw our own conclusions based on what we see.

Now I know I'm here looking for physical encounters of a sensual and hopefully exhilarating and liberating nature, and so to a large extent, the enjoyment, or thrill should be more about the content than the cover, but I have to get hooked in the first place. I mentioned in a post last year, how I felt seduced by browsing the displays in Waterstones; being a tactile woman, and turned on by visuals, I felt incredibly overwhelmed by the array of  books on offer, but after much browsing, I picked up just three for further deliberation and subsequently chose only one. The cover, the blurb, the image, and the opening chapter, all backed up by reviews I considered a trusted source, made the purchase an easy choice.

I'm just as selective when it comes to sexual partners, but I'm not looking to buy, only borrow,  so therefore the swinging scene is my library, somewhere I can go to escape real life and delve into a fantasy world for a short time. There will always be a drama somewhere in the mix, but in the main my personal anthology of short stories will contain action, adventure, humour, romance and hopefully a little bit of kink too, when the mood strikes and they all provide a quick fix in their own unique way.

But in the meantime I have a handful of favourites - the novels, classics if you will, that are to be taken chapter by chapter, savoured and enjoyed, because quite frankly they are exceptionally well written and deserve my undivided attention.

I also have to turn this on its head and consider the fact that I too, am someone's choice of reading material and from that perspective I think very carefully about how, and by whom, I want to be handled. Those that go through a very similar selection process, are easily detected. Having observed from a distance, they make their approach and from their opening lines, its obvious they have done their homework. You can see it in their eyes, their body language is a giveaway, and they never jump in right away either. They continue their research by engaging in conversation, and study each chapter in turn, showing both patience and a genuine interest to learn more. They are intelligent enough to understand that so much more pleasure is to be gained once the main character has been understood. So, once the ground work is complete, and I'm totally happy, only then will the invitation be given to open the cover and run their fingers down the spine of this sophisticated and intriguing mystery.

Happy reading,

K x