Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Being Spontaneous

You know how it is, you chat to someone on line for well over a year, trying to fix a date to eventually meet up and then finally you receive a message to say 'I'm in the area'.

Your heart skips a beat and you respond without hesitation.

'Ooh whereabouts?'

He's less than five miles down the road. I have half an hour free.

'How long have you got?' I ask

'What did you have in mind?' he replies

'I could join you for coffee, if you give me ten minutes to get ready.'

I hit the send button enthusiastically but gutted I can't offer anything else.

'Where can we meet?'

I quickly decide on a coffee house in my home town, and send details along with my phone number.

I race to the bathroom, freshen up, change my underwear (even though this is just a social), throw on some clean clothes and grab my coat.

I pull into the coffee house car park to be greeted with a warm smile from a dark haired guy sitting in a black Mercedes.

The first thing I notice are his good looks, then I notice his attire; polished shoes, black trousers, white shirt, dark tie and a navy three quarter length overcoat. I'm sold.

We order coffee and head for the quietest corner of the cafe. I sit on a two seater sofa and for a moment I thought he was going to perch next to me, but he hesitated, and finally sat on a single seat to my left.

We chat easily. The coffees are brought to our table. I remove my coat, lean forward and reach for my cappuccino, making some quip about getting my top lip embarrassingly covered in cream. He laughs and mutters something about an innuendo. I like the fact he has a sense of humour.

'It is lovely to meet you at long last. We've been chatting for months.'
'I know. If my circumstances were different today, I'd be inviting you back to my place.' I tell him
'Oh really?' He was genuinely taken aback by the comment.

The conversation flows and right throughout, his behaviour is reserved, respectful. As for me, well, you know I'm an insatiable flirt. My body language remains open, I give him all the signs that I'm interested and I am disappointed that I genuinely don't have enough time to take this further.

Time passes quickly. With the coffees finished, he settles the bill and we leave on the agreement that we get together when diaries allow.

Let's hope I don't have to wait too long.

K x

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