Friday, 15 January 2016


January 2012

I was in the perfect place when I awoke this morning, both physically and mentally. I was still cocooned in the warmth of the quilt after a good night's sleep and for some reason I awoke with thoughts of you running through my mind.

I imagined your hands running all over me, lifting my black short nightdress, exposing my buttocks to your erection that you so often started the day with. I wanted the feel the warmth of your breath on my skin again, Sam; it has been far too long. I smiled as I remembered your trembling hands the first time you touched me. Nothing can compare to unfastening your trousers to find no more material restraining your hardness; you had arrived commando just as we had discussed. That first time was amazing Sam; so much had gone on before. The texts, emails, cybersex......oh my, the cybersex. It was hot before you left for your tour of duty but by God when you were away we couldn't get enough of each other. Virtual hands, touching each crevice of one another's bodies in the heat of the moment. Human contact you so desperately desired when you were so far from home. You told me everything you wanted to do with me when you returned home, a day that couldn’t come soon enough for me. Our instant messaging alone left me breathless, I couldn't wait to get my hands on you. The first time we locked together was truly special Sam but the second you remember? That was a mad twenty fours hours.

You arrived at our chosen destination way before I did. I remember thinking how keen you must have been to meet up again. I checked in at the hotel and rang you immediately. You could have taken no more than six steps down the corridor before you knocked on my hotel room door. I recall how you took me in with your eyes before you eventually made your move and kissed me. We were at it again. Three hours of hot steamy passionate sex. In the chair, on the bed, different positions. Then there was the following morning. As agreed and with military precision you txt me at 8am. Still want to play? Yes, of course I did. I had been up more than half an hour, showered, dried my hair and changed my night attire to something a little more fresh and appealing. To have you slip into my warm bed that Saturday morning was just delightful.

Another hour of sex in the bed before we took a shower together. Only one of us could stand under the streaming water which I remember you said was too hot so you let me stand under the constant stream, letting yourself chill from the dampness drying on your skin. I soaped you down and held you close trying to keep you from being too cold.
You so desperately wanted to have me in the shower but it wasn't to be and not for the want of trying or lack of excitement. It just wasn't physically possible. Having played so much the day before we were content with sensual foreplay and ended our session with one of the best kisses ever.

We met twice after that, here at my house. Equally good memories; I sent you narratives and photographs of our time together so you would have something to hold on to. I wonder if you ever look back on them like I do? Do you still have the presents I gave you, pick them up occasionally and reflect on our time together, or have you hidden them away somewhere? You blew me away Sam and I know you felt the same about me. You confessed on more that one occasion you felt you were batting above your average, but I wanted you too. You breathed a life into me I didn't know existed. Being with you helped my confidence and I changed; for the better. Oh Sam, if you could see me now......... No longer am I shy and unsure of myself but I have the confidence to put myself out there now, willing to show everyone what I am made of, willing to chase after what I want.

I often think I would like to see you again, but I know it's not to be. There was someone in the background wasn't there, pulling you away? You had indicated there was another interest in your life but you left without saying good-bye. That hurts me Sam. To think that after all we had been through, all the support and encouragement on both our parts you didn’t have the courage to call me like you promised. Instead you just faded away. I can't blame you, as much as it pains me to say it, but you did the right thing. As much as I will want to txt you on your birthday, any contact from me now, after all this time, would knock you sideways. I care too much about you to do that.

I doubt our paths will ever cross again but if they ever do I want you to know I would greet you with warmth, affection and a smile.

Wherever you are Sam,

Keep Safe xx

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


The entire Christmas break had been extremely low key, more often than not to the point where I'd become comfortable slouching around the house in sweat pants and vest tops. I couldn't settle into doing anything productive or creative. I was restless, yet reluctant to do anything about it.

"We should go out for the day, it'll do you good." he insisted. "You need the fresh air. You need to get laid."  I looked at him questionably, but I knew he was right. It had been weeks since another man had laid hands on me, and although I couldn't feel it, I had an itch that needed to be scratched.

So I showered, shaved, plucked and dressed. Nothing fancy, after all, I had to escape the house without raising any suspicions from the kids.

London was our destination. More specifically Rio's in Kentish Town.

We boarded the empty train carriage, sat opposite one another, and immediately logged on to our phones. I suspected he was corresponding with potential suitors, I meanwhile was getting to grips with a book I'd recently downloaded.

There was a small amount of frivolity before the train departed when a couple boarded asking if the train was the 12.10 stopping at Croydon and which direction would the train be travelling. They settled eventually only for an older grey haired Indian guy to board asking the same first question. We laughed some more, having explained what had just happened and the guy thanked us for our help and wished us happy new year.
The train departed bang on time. My husband declared 'Nottingham here we come!' His remark makes the couple seated behind me laugh.
We both look up from our phones and enjoy the sight of the bright day that has dawned.
"We should just head for Brighton instead."
The words are spoken in jest but for two pins, I could.

The remainder of the train journey to London was uneventful we disembark at West Hampstead and wait for our connection to Kentish Town. I didn't mind too much, the sun was out and I was happy to read a little more of my book.

We make it to Rios albeit later than anticipated. Quickly down to our towels we head for hot tub, already occupied by two guys sitting apart from one another. One guy is probably about 30ish, with a round face covered in stubble. The other guy is slimmer, well trimmed beard and moustache and a long pony tail. My husband recognises him from his profile on FabSwingers; he's one of our dates.

Introductions done, we chat with ease, first about the scene and different clubs before we find other common interests. I couldn't make up my mind about him. Did I or didn't I want to play? He was polite enough but I simply wasn't keen on the facial hair ...

After chatting for nearly an hour, I saw past his slightly grungy looking exterior and had been drawn in by his unassuming nature, gentle voice and soft Antipodean accent. I was ready to play.

We found ourselves a private room. They are basic. A wooden box, covered with six wipeable padded mats. I placed my towel in the middle and lay on top, face up.

I have my husband on one side, new lover (Adam) on the other. Adam trails his palm and fingers over my body, occasionally drawing his fingernails over my skin for extra reaction. He leans down, his mouth finding my nipple. There's not much of a sensation as I can't feel his tongue, but then all of a sudden, a little nip as his teeth gently clamp either side of the now erect flesh. A slight gasp escapes me. His fingers soon discover the aroused state between my thighs. Again, it's all very gentle, unassuming. First one finger, then two are inserted. At the other end of things I'm sucking on my husbands cock. Keeping hard is no effort for him, especially when I am being entertained by another man.

I'm stimulated enough by this point to know I will climax but unsure how or when it will surface. I can't describe the feeling in words, but my body reaches a point when it needs more, and often quite quickly, and this would be when I would let my own hand go lower and either share or take over the responsibility for making it happen. However, I feel totally relaxed, at ease and in no rush. I distinctly recall telling myself to exercise more self control, enjoy the feeling. So I let things be.
Moments later, I'm crying out in pleasure. Orgasm reached. Both men sit back and I take a few deep breaths, gathering my thoughts and sense of being. Once restored I asked Adam if I could give him oral. He kneeled up for me and I went down on all fours, giving access for my husband to continue my stimulation. Whilst Adam gives me verbal approval and strokes my back, I come again, this time soaking the towel beneath me.

Adam's cock was smooth, about six inches in length with a more than average circumference. My tongue and mouth investigate leisurely and at will.
"I'd quite like to be fucked now if you wouldn't mind" I ask politely.
Adam reaches for a condom and I move on to all fours. I accommodate him easily. He holds on to my hips and allows me to control the rhythm. I rock back and forth gently, enjoying the sensation of a new guy inside me (something that's been lacking for far too long).
"You have such a gorgeous ass" he says caressing my buttocks. I politely thank him for his compliment whilst being conscious that my sex is dehydrating.
"I need lube" I pant, starting to wain.
He retracts and sits back
"I'm going missionary if you don't mind." It's a statement not a question
Adam complies and watches me rub the smooth white thick liquid over myself.
He slides back inside with ease and leans over me to thrust. His ponytail falls over his shoulder, the tip of which lightly tickles my skin and dispenses the occasional drop of water.

He tucks my legs under his arms, he lifts them high. He let's them lay flat. No words are spoken and we don't kiss.
The enclosed unventilated room is rapidly draining of oxygen, my head starts to spin.
Not only do I need air, but water too.
I call a truce.

We retreat to the lounge area and chat for a further half an hour or so over cold, light refreshments. I'm drained, ready for home.
We make our excuses, dress and leave. Thankfully the train ride home is quiet. I settle into another chapter of the book, but soon feel my eyes closing ....