Sunday, 30 August 2015

Brief Update

I'm back. It's been over three years since my last post and much has happened since then. I never moved away from the scene, I just stopped writing about my experiences. I lost my mojo - or more to the point, I lost my biggest source of motivation and encouragement.

You may remember Dark Knight, my co-author and of course, lover. It's a long story but in short, he fell in love and left the scene.  We created some terrific memories, both socially and physically and together we explored and pushed boundaries but I always knew deep down it would never last forever. I am genuinely happy that after years of being in a platonic marriage, he has at last, found true happiness.

So, what about me? you ask.

I can't really recall the end of 2012, but the year after I received an exciting invitation, which couldn't be ignored. Despite a few nerves and doubts, I embarked on the opportunity to pursue two of my other passions in life and as one project came to a close, so another one opened.

Last year couldn't have been much different as life pretty much went on hold due to ill health. Thankfully after a few months however, I was back on the road to recovery and having not played for some considerable time, I had an itch that needed scratching.........

K x