Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Day of Pleasures

I wasn't sure I would write any more blogs, but I can't shake this feeling inside me.

We returned from Kestrels yesterday after a good day. Yes, it was chilly, not the kind of weather you want to be parading around naked outdoors in, but we found sheltered areas, and made good use of the hot tub, sauna and swimming pool.

It never takes me long to warm up enough to play so we (Hubby, Dark Knight and myself) headed for the dungeons for some fun, taking a single guy along for the ride. An audience quickly gathered to watch over the stable door. I think perhaps my first companion was more of a voyeur and one who likes to please rather than be pleased. He was incredibly gentle with every touch; his fingers seemed to glide in and out of me with some ease. It felt good to have all three men attend to me at one time, although they were quite happy to each take a step back and watch the other two. I told him I was ready to be fucked and as he rolled on top with condom in place he said 'I'm gonna come in less than 30 seconds'. True to his word he did, but the length of penetration mattered not. The foreplay had been great and I was pleased that the session had culminated with such gentle grace.

He left the bed and my Husband encouraged me to have more. Dark Knight stepped up to the mark. He never fails to deliver and I'm not sure I can add anymore to his repertoire than I have written previously except that each time, the passion is stronger; always an eagerness to fulfil and satisfy. I welcomed him home again, in front of a keen audience of men who I am pretty sure were hoping they would be invited to join in next.

It's not like me to be conscious of on-lookers but I felt the floor show was over so asked for the door to be closed. Everyone moved away but one man was invited back. A tall guy with stubble I had noticed when we swam in the pool. He introduced himself as Jay as he crawled on the bed to my left. He instantly pulled me close, moulding me to his body, locking my leg between his. The closeness was incredible, something I would not expect to experience with someone I had only just met. Somehow whilst taking me firmly in hold, he remained gentle and tender in every way; showering me with light kisses and soft touches from the fingers. I swear I can still feel him now. I wanted to mount him, so I eased him on to his back and took his cock in my mouth. I wanted him to relax and enjoy what I had to give before we shared that ultimate moment of penetration. I can't begin to imagine what was going through Jay's head at that moment in time, I couldn't read him at all unsure if he was nervous, excited, apprehensive or anxious. I guided him in and rocked back and forth, maintaining eye contact throughout to reassure him all was okay. I stroked him arms and upper body, occasionally falling forwards to kiss or hold him closer until we could continue no longer.

Unfortunately, Jay left without saying good-bye and I have no way of contacting him, but I hope our paths cross again some day.

As I write, I have no idea if the sequence of events is correct, but the events did happen. I am still on a high and surprisingly still very horny. It seems the more sex I have, the more I want and need. I am weak at the knees, sleepy and unable to concentrate and I'm not sure what or who is to blame; my two new companions, Dark Knight and hubby for making me gush then fucking me in the sex swing or my very good friend for his saucy sexy on line chat before bedtime.

The reality is I guess, that no-one is to blame. I am a horny little minx with a high sex drive and a need to be fucked. And I really don't have a problem with that.