Sunday, 15 April 2012

Spa Partners

The garden of the naturist's spa soon filled. It seemed this glorious March sunshine had encouraged plenty of people to take advanatge of the good weather and were here to relax and maybe play.

After sitting for a while, we headed for the dungeons and chose the end room on the left; one with a door.
We asked Frank to join us. He'd sat in front of us in the garden and was a green light. He was tall, I would guess mid-50's, thin greying hair and a well trimmed beard and moustache. He was more than happy to keep us company but in a voyeuristic capacity only. He had a German sounding accent although he claimed to be Italian. He watched as Rob and I started kissing. I had my back to him, soon he was stroking, very gently along my side.

We inched up the bed a little further, for more comfort. I remember Frank saying he would like to see many men on me, at once - he boldly suggested eight.
'Let's open the door and invite someone in' he suggested. I gave it a moments thought and looked at spouse. The eye contact approved and he duly opened the door.
Enter Simon, a guy that had sat in the hot tub while we swam in the pool. I hadn't really indicated one way or the other but we had agreed Simon was a little of a Jack Dee look a like.

Simon knelt close to my head so I was able to suck on him. His cock was a good length, slender and smooth. I clutched at his buttocks, pulling him in, his hand on the back of my head, holding me firm. Frank's words constantly encouraging me to take Simon deeper.
Frank's busy fingers had me wet with desire. I needed fucking. Husband passed the condom. Simon didn't last long. The temptation to come apparently was too overwhelming. I don't remember him leaving but I do remember Miguel joining us. He was a definite green light I had spotted before we even checked in. He was in the pool with another single and had sat in front, just to the left of us in the garden.

Miguel was Portguese; thick black hair, facial stubble, good body. I recall having a good time with Miguel. He wasn't a kisser, nor did he give oral although he was happy to receive. Another condom passed, another good fucking. Frank was having a good time too. I was desperate for his cock in my mouth while Miguel was fucking me, but he wasn't giving in. Part of me thought good for you Frank, sticking to your guns but a part of me was in excrutiating pain, knowing what I wanted was but an arms length away yet access was denied. Maybe that was part of Frank's game plan, the way he gets his kicks. He wasn't after all denying me anything he had promised. The whole scenario was quite erotic.

We took a break, rested, sun-bathed and swam. I engaged in conversation with a lovely couple, chatting about different aspects of the lifestyle etc. He was black, charming, extremely well hung, she was white, curvy, shoulder length blonde hair. They had met through the scene and now played as a couple. They were both well spoken but although I didn't ask directly, I was under the impression they were not interested in playing. (Mental note to ask the question and get confirmation rather than assuming.)

We got chatting to Steve when he placed himself on a sunbed close by. The sun had moved around and the lounger he'd chosen was in the shade. He made a point of moving it into the sun which happened to mean closer to me. I made a joke of it which broke the ice and he stayed talking for a while. There was definitely a connection. When he rose to move on, he introduced himself. I made a point of saying see you later, hoping he would take this as a green light to find us when he was ready.
Later, on our way back to the dungeons, we passed Steve. I'm such a silly girl. Looking back he was obviously waiting for an invite but instead I tried to ask spouse silently if we could ask him along but the moment had gone. So I missed out. Instead we found Dan, just entering the long covered corridor adjacent to the dungeons. I asked him to join us and he followed.
Dan was quite amazing, he interacted in every way I wanted. He kissed, was great at giving oral, and was happy to receive. He sat with his back to the wall, legs splayed out. I buried my head in his lap and was gone for some time. He stroked my hair, caressed my face, encouraged me with his words. He wanted me to sit on him, so I guided him in gently and rode him well, hands pressed against the rough wall, leaning in to kiss him every now and then. We changed positions once or twice until I was eventually on my back. He pushed my legs towards my shoulders, bending me as far double as my body would allow, then pounded me hard. The position wasn't the most comfortable, I was desperate to release the pressure. I wrapped my legs around his fit, light brown frame and enjoyed the fucking he was giving me.
Afterwards, we sat and chatted. He was a smashing guy, lovely personality, spoke well, good conversationalist. I gave him my number.
I wasn't done. I wanted Steve. He was nowhere to be seen. Conscious of the time, husband and I went off to play in the small room in the house, with a one way mirror/window.
I could hear voices outside the door as we made love, so we put on a bit of a show. Outside, Simon greeted us. I feel he wanted more from me, having only played a short while earlier in the day. It wasn't going to happen for no other reason than the time constraint.
All too soon it was time to leave. In the changing room, Frank was hovering, then Steve appeared. Damn!
'Sorry we didn't get to play' I consoled him as I continued to dress.
I sat on the edge of the bench, leant forward to fasten my shoe. I sat up briefly, crossed my legs to fasten my other shoe
'You did that deliberately' Steve said, breaking his conversation with my husband
'Did what?' I asked genuinely
'Go on, do that again. Cross and uncross your legs. You flashed your knickers!' Steve was laughing.
I duly obliged.
'See what you've done now' he directed my gaze to the rather impressive bulge beneath the towel wrapped around his waist.
'Goodness. Come here. Let me take a look.' I beckoned him forward.
He unwrapped his towel to reveal something that was far too tempting for me to ignore. Still seated, I wrapped my mouth around his erection, sucking and licking to my hearts content.
'Do we have to go just yet?' I asked spouse. I already knew the answer but the tingle on my sex was hoping we could have delayed leaving for ten minutes.
I know this wouldn't have been the way I wanted it, I did (and do) want Steve to have the best of me. And it would take longer than ten minutes.
I'm definitely up for meeting Steve again for a fun time. I just hope I don't have to wait too long.