Thursday, 15 March 2012

Carrying a Torch

He was all over me like a rash. Each time I turned around, he was there, either close by or watching from a distance.
He pulled me onto the dance floor and had me jigging around to Blondie's Hanging on the Telephone, not once letting go of my hand, sometimes pulling me in close, but always looking at me with a huge smile that made his eyes widen and sparkle. We were the  only ones 'out there' and strutting our stuff, I was embarrassed and extremely conscious that we were the centre of attention.

I didn't remember Melvyn from school. Not at all. For this reason, I had assumed he was in what we classed 'the lower band'. Classes for the kids that were taught  more practical skills than academic subjects. However, he clearly remembered me. From the brown rimmed spectacles I wore to the Gola bag I carried my school books in (it was the late 70's). From the girls I hung around with to the boy I dated when I returned to school after the summer of 1980. Not only did he remember me but he was clearly besotted by me. Love struck I think you might say. And it seemed this thin, scrawny but ever so likeable character had been carrying a torch for me for some twenty five years or so. He was, quite clearly, going to make the most of my company.

So when it came to the end of the evening, and the slow tunes played out through the huge speakers, once again Melvyn took me by the hand and led me to the dance floor. He held me tight like he never wanted to let go. He didn't care that I was an inch or two taller than him in my heels, in fact it put him in the advantageous position of being able to kiss at my neck without too much trouble.  If You Leave by OMD was perhaps over all too soon for Melvyn. I was definitely under the impression he didn't want the night to end but knowing it was, he wasn't going to let me walk out of the door without a final hug; a squeeze that lasted an eternity but one that gave him perhaps a last intake of my perfume that would keep him going for a few weeks.

Some months later, I learned that Melvyn had tried to take his own life. Discovering his wife had been sleeping with his brother, he had taken a length of rope and tried to hang himself from a tree, on a small green, behind some dodgy housing estate. I was mortified to hear the news but relieved his attempt had failed. Some joked that had he paid attention at sailing club he would have known how to tie a slip knot and the job would have been done. I don't share the laughs. I'm grateful that Melvyn is still with us. Three 'kids' never made it to our school reunion as they were cruelly taken from this world far too young and certainly not through their own choosing. They were dealt a very poor hand and alas lost out all too soon.
Life can be very cruel sometimes, but every now and then, something happens that will make you think, or someone comes along with a story that makes you realise just how precious life is.

LIFE: We should all live it, breathe it, and appreciate every day that is given to us. You just never know what's around the corner.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Confession To Kate

On my own in the bar I didn't feel the atmosphere was one for me to interact and it was just chance that I walked into the lounge and bumped into Dee and Trevor.  Our playing together was also chance. I asked if they were going to play again tonight. In my mind I wasn't thinking of with me. They said yes and then there was an awkward few seconds when they stood up, I remained seated and it was only when I asked Trevor, should I join them and he said yes that things were settled. You can imagine a stand up, half sit down, then stand up moment, with each unsure of who is going where with whom.

When we reached the poolroom, the bed was heaving with bodies, which explained the absence of atmosphere in the bar. Dee was a joy. I needed only to put my tongue or a finger near her vagina, for her to be moaning. She is sensitive to a touch at the threshold to her vagina.

As for you and I, there is a confession, which will come later.
I loved your talking me home. To be on the other end gave me some idea how it feels .... and I loved it. Dropping my heavy bags, genius!

Three weeks of abstinence did not improve the quality or intensity of my orgasm. Just the quantity of semen, which being into a condom, was perhaps a bit of a wasted opportunity. If anything, waiting three weeks seemed to have suppressed my libido and when the moment came to come, I didn't have the same intensity or control as usual. I think control is the issue. My body needed to come, but because I didn't have the control, I wasn't able to generate the same intensity as I have done before.  This is all subjective you understand.  I'm talking about tiny differences in what I am feeling.

So here is the confession. I came when we were fucking doggy. That's why I asked for a new condom. I could feel the pressure going and all the noise I made was about keeping hard and giving you what you needed, not my holding back an orgasm, but don't let that take anything away from the way you were messing around inside my head. It was quite scrambled.

I feel better now.  I have to tell you and hope it hasn't taken anything away from the experience for you. By the way, I woke up Saturday with a strained thigh.  I'm convinced that was caused by my using every ounce of myself to penetrate and stay with you.

Saturday at a party, I came, again a little sooner than would have been perfect and with less intensity, but I did feel more in control of myself. Sunday, I woke up feeling very horny and could easily have taken matters into my own hands throughout the day. I'm feeling my normal self returning and resolve not to let myself abstain for so long in future. Wednesday I hope to meet a new lady, courtesy of my friend the voyeur. A four day gap will be about right.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Welcome Home Dark Knight

Dark Knight made an entrance. Not exactly fashionably late but late enough to have an audience. Heads turned as I greeted him laughing when I checked out his outlandish outfit. Navy blazer, tie (no shirt) boxers and socks supported by home made suspenders. The night was a Boss & Secretary themed evening. It takes a man with some balls to walk into a club, dressed like he'd been caught bending his PA over the board room table. We hadn't seen each other for a while and there was a fair amount to catch up on, so together with Dee & Trevor whom he'd not met before, we shared a few laughs.

It must have been about 11pm by the time we moved through to the play area. I had removed my tuxedo jacket but remained in my six strap suspender belt, stockings, heels and a string of pearls. Dark Knight devoured me with a passion. Three weeks he had travelled a desert, each day his load gaining weight. I gripped his balls; a tight sack of semen I was more than ready to receive. We kissed hungrily before I allowed him to manoeuvre on top of me and travel south to find the oasis he eagerly needed to quench his thirst from. He lapped at the length of my sex with the flat of his tongue, unaware he was selfishly squashing me underneath with his eagerness to drink. I let him drink, I had plenty to give, but restricted by his weight I couldn't access his equipment to give anything back. I kept grappling and would occasionally manage to reach the tip of his cock with an outstretched tongue. Almost gasping for breath, I gave in to submission; two short taps on his back and I was free to move again. He returned to kiss me, allowing me to taste my own juices from him. I lifted his face away from mine.
'I think you better fuck me before you explode' I instructed

Condom in place I went on all fours, going down on my husband. Dark Knight entered me quickly. Thrust after thrust I knew his orgasm wouldn't take long. I could sense his position was not stable, knees slipping further and further apart on the bed. I'm sure, twice I asked if he was okay and both times he confirmed he was. Then he slipped out but still nudging me as though he was inside. I had to get him back inside.
'You've slipped out' I whispered over my shoulder
I'm not sure why, but he removed the condom and asked for a fresh one. With this duly in place, I was now on my back and comfortably ready to receive all he had to give. Once he was on board, we both confirmed we should have started in this position, stick to what we know and enjoy so much. I verbally welcomed him home and let him concentrate all his efforts on the physical performance. For the first time I took on the role of narrator, encouraging him with my words that his journey across the desert was soon to be ended, that the door to home was open and in sight. I was as desperate as he, for him to put down his bags and boy did he put down his bags. In true Dark Knight style, he dropped his baggage and breathed a huge sigh of relief as he collapsed on top of me.

I did play with one other after my time with Dark Knight, but seriously the event is hardly worth writing about. I wont disgrace the guy, he was pleasant enough, had the nerve to make the first move at the bar, managed to engage me in conversation, so when he came and sat at the foot of the bed where I was playing with husband I didn't mind his attention. He kissed a little too ….. I struggle to find the right word here, too hard for my liking. His oral skills were fine, the fuck was okay. He didn't have a lot to offer downstairs and I'm a great believer that it's not what you've got it's what you do with it but really, he didn't do that much for me. Let's move on quickly.

At some point, later in the evening, whilst husband was down on me, I noticed Dark Knight walking to a play area with Dee and Trevor. It was a real pleasure to hear her moaning and calling out as he tended her needs. I had an inclination they would get on. Eventually I heard Dee say 'Oh wow. That was awesome. Thank you.'
I smiled to myself. Dark Knight does it again.

Our scores for the year to date? Seven apiece; even stevens. Bring it on, I say.