Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Good Things Come in Three's

It was only back in July of last year that I posted  eight men in eight months and asked if that was a lot of men to have in such a short space of time. Our journey has progressed us thus far that I can now ask if seven new men in eight WEEKS sounds a lot?

The last two Fridays we have visited separate clubs and experienced quite different nights. Last weekend we set out to meet one new blind date and had no further expectations of the evening. We planned to chat to as many couples as possible and try to conquer our fears of approaching people. However Gary, our blind date turned up very early on and we got to know one another over a drink or two in the bar area. About half an hour or so later in walked Matt & Lisa; a couple we had met on our second visit (their first) hit it off with but were too damn scared to ask them to play. They joined us and Gary and it later turned out Gary had been in contact with Matt & Lisa at some stage but they had turned him down because of his muscular physique. Now I have to confess I had the same first impression, but via email he came across polite, had the right attitude for swinger, his verifications spoke highly of his company, so we agreed to meet on the basis there be no pressure to play if we didn't click.

We did click, I am pleased to say and it wasn't long before Gary and I were lying together on a corner bed, kissing and running our hands passionately over one another. After tongue action on clit, he buried his fingers deep inside me and had me gushing like my internal washers were faulty. I felt the spray cover my legs and tummy and at one point caught sight of droplets of fluid that jumped into the beams of ambient light that filled the room. It seemed there was no stopping me. I remember calling out 'fuck me' as I writhed on the bed, wanting him to stop but knowing I didn't really want him to. I had one orgasm after another until I could take no more. My husband sat on the edge of the bed, watching it all and only moved position when Gary finally entered me. He was a terrific kisser and a very attentive lover. Although he had been described as well endowed I was able to take his full length comfortably until the point I felt exhausted. Gary is a man of stamina and beat me hands down for the energy he put into our crazy manic session so I had to stop him before he reached orgasm. He was more than happy to lie with us until I recovered at which point we excused ourselves to re-hydrate.

I didn't get very far as I met Matt & Lisa going in to the play room. It was inevitable we were going to play so after sending husband to the bar for water I followed them to a vacant bed. Lisa looked stunning in her black satin corset fastened with authentic hook and eyes and as she passed her little black bag to Matt I joked with him that it didn't match his outfit. So he duly loosened the 'skirt' and let it drop to the floor. Still holding the bag, hand on hip, posing like a true model he asked 'Is this better?' I looked him up and down and frowned.

'No' I told him, focusing in his nether regions and his still soft penis. 'You need somewhere to hang the bag now' and I pulled him closer to the bed, took his quaggy penis into my mouth and started sucking. I quite like giving oral in this position, me sitting with the man standing in front but Matt appeared to shift his stance so I proposed he lie next to me to be more comfortable. The sex was great. We had laughed earlier like friends that had know each other for years, the conversation being easy and the banter did not stop once we started playing. It was how swinging should be; nothing serious, just damn good fun and interaction between all of us.
After another break and a wander around the club, I noticed Gary again. He was playing with another couple. She lying on her back against her husband's stomach, legs akimbo and Gary deep inside her. Gary hadn't come with me and I suspected his second lover would be the benefactor of his deposit.

On our last trip upstairs had us pass a single guy on the landing. All three of us remarked how quiet it was but I gave him a second glance as we descended the stairs and told husband that the guy was rather nice. Now why after all this time, I didn't just grab him my the hand and pull him into a vacant bedroom I still don’t know, but we made for the main play room again and watched the goings on of other players. Still plenty of single guys lurking about but they were at least occupied with the bed show that was carrying on near to the hot tub. One female seemed to be drawing the attention of the crowds as her legs were being held high and had at least four guys on her.
The guy I had spied on the landing was quite easy to spot in the dim light as he was wearing a silver St Christopher. I was still very keen to play so I took the bull by the horns, walked over and asked directly if he would like to join us.
'Can do' came the slightly feeble response.
I had no idea what to expect from Paul, having exchanged no more than half a dozen words and only discovering him ten minutes previous. I started with oral, my favourite. He did have a very yummy cock, smooth, long and with good girth. He was keen for me to take him deep which he conveyed by applying pressure to my head and thrusting in my mouth. I took everything in my stride until I was ready to be fucked....which didn’t take long. With a voyeur looking on from no more than two foot away, still pulling on whatever hid beneath his towel, Paul pounded away until I shifted position and he fell out. I reached down between our bodies to guide him back in and was aware at how soft he was. Ah, that would be why he fell out I thought so I used my hand to get him hard again, but the condom was partially off. We decided it best to replace the sheath with a new one and once again he was deep inside me, missionary position. He continued to please me, eventually collapsing, withdrawing and confessing to having nothing left to give. The poor guy had come twice with me, having come not twenty minutes before being asked to join us. I had no idea. Honest. Most guys pound harder or become more vocal when their orgasm is imminent, but not Paul. I felt a little guilty for not noticing the first condom that had been removed. This definitely explained his falling out and instant demise.
Before the night ended we spent time upstairs having found Matt & Lisa lolling on a bed made for six. Lisa looked fabulous, resembling an artistic piece by Rubens; her curvaceous form lying across the head of the bed, partially propped up by pillows, her hair tousled from a night filled with passion. Gary found us again and as Lisa had mentioned she was interested I proposed they get better acquainted. I realise now this was quite a forward move on my part; I could have put Gary in an awkward situation however he was soon on the case....and I was soon on Matt......then husband was soon on me. It all went on, the five of us playing together. Gary was behind Lisa on his knees, fucking her hard but the fact he was tweaking in his own nipples indicated he was lapsing a little. So I stepped up to the mark and gave him some attention while he fingered Lisa to keep her warm. At this point I seem to recall she was down on Matt. We all kept moving around each other. Gary made it clear he wanted me again before the night ended but I knew I was spent. Hard again, he slipped back inside Lisa and nearing orgasm he asked her where she wanted it.
'Anywhere' she managed to say, almost breathless. I knew what she was feeling. 
He withdrew and pulled the condom off in one swift move, and wanking himself off, spurted his creamy fluid in several long shots over her back, splattering me a little in the process.

All too soon it was time to leave. Gary didn’t get to have me again but thanked us both saying what a great evening he'd had and that he'd like to return the invite and perhaps entertain at his place next time. We would definitely be hooking up again.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Spa Day

Spa Day
Today I spent five hours at a naturist spa. Not my first visit, I had been here on a balmy August afternoon when we enjoyed lounging around in the sun. Why come back today, one of the coldest days of the winter? Well, I felt I was on a promise although no promise had actually been made, you understand. A couple and I had exchanged a few messages on a website and concluded we were all able to attend on the same day. I said I planned to come here. They said they would be here too. Close enough, thought I. Having said I would attend, I was keen not to let them down as I did not want to tarnish my reputation. After all, they would be looking out for me wouldn't they? I know this is nonsense, but it is what my head was telling me.

I arrived mid afternoon. I spied one couple and half a dozen gentlemen. My quarry had sent me a photograph and indicated that I would recognise the lady by her red dressing gown. Whilst inspecting the 'dungeon', a play area with some fetish equipment, the couple came in to play. 'Are you Elena?' I enquired. 'No,' said she, 'but when I see her I'll tell her you are looking.' 'Don't worry, I'm sure she's around here somewhere' said I. I moved away and wandered  around the spa. No other couples, just guys. Three of them together in a hot tub. I wondered about that.

I took in a swim, chilled out in a lounge area and chatted to a guy in the refreshment room. I saw a couple pass by, she in a pink dressing gown. Could red mean pink? A few moments later they came back fully clothed, ready to leave. 'Is pink what you call red?' I enquired. 'Eh?. 'Are you Elena?' asked I. 'No!' said she. She was blonde by the way.

A short while later I heard gasps coming from the swimming pool enclosure. I ventured in. A couple were in the water, he obviously fingering her, she groaning with pleasure. 'I'll leave you alone if you wish' I offered, when a suitable break in the proceedings permitted. 'No, you can watch if you want to' said the man. I slipped into the pool and at the next breather, ventured, 'I can't tell because you're not in front of a mirror, but are you Elena?' Elena's photo showed her reflection in a mirror. Said the man, 'you are going around asking everyone if they are Elena. She'll be in around five.' 'Elena has dark hair, shorter than mine' said the lady. Right, I thought. Not a blonde. This thought did me no favours. A little later when leaving the changing room, I saw a new couple arriving. She was blonde, not Elena. I blanked her and walked off in the other direction.  I do regret that.

Earlier, exploring, I had discovered a sauna at the back of the changing room. On a whim I decided to take another look and saw towels and gowns hanging outside. Inside were two men and a woman. I enquired if they wanted company and was invited in. The lady, I heard her name was Georgia, commented that my cool hands on her leg felt strangely welcome in the heat. Within a few moments Georgia and her partner decided to go to another cabin for some private time. The other man and I were invited to join them in ten minutes. I waited out my time in the sauna, then sought out the couple to find that the other guy had a less exact sense of time.

They were playing already. I joined and it being a little crowded up top, found myself a spot downstairs. There was some conversation to which I could not contribute, due to my mouth being otherwise occupied. I heard that while Georgia enjoys a clitoral orgasm, they generally take a lot longer to build. I didn't catch what they take longer than, but understood that I would be here for some time. However, I was happy enough. I think some men struggle to understand the female orgasm. We build at an accelerating pace. If we hurry our women, we do so at our cost. I do enjoy women who give you feedback and Georgia was particularly adept. At one point she demonstrated and described how she likes the finger to stroke a circle around her clit. Me, being a good student, copied the technique, then repeated this with my tongue. Being a man, I didn't stay with the script for long, attempting variations on the theme. I recall, holding her clitoris between my lips and teasing the two or three tiny buds that I could discern with the tip of my tongue. Taking my time, knowing that Georgia wanted me to take my time, meant that I was learning a lot about how she tastes and feels, her shapes and textures. As I write I can feel exactly how her inner labia felt to my mouth. 

Two fingers inside her were hooked up behind her pubic bone, searching for her receptive spot. We paused and Georgia helped direct me to the exact place. I thought of Bernie the Bolt and commented that getting back to the exact spot is tricky. Alex, her partner proved to be more a Tiswas fan. He sprays everywhere and demonstrated finger movements. 'You are bound to hit the right spot occasionally,' he observed. Georgia's vagina, clenched on my fingers. A signal to me that her orgasm was approaching. I upped the tempo both within and without, then she duly came.

We paused again and after a brief conversation, found myself drawn once again to Georgia's nether lips, mine teasing her clitoris. For whatever reason my mind drifted off to Elena's profile. Her partner is also called Alex. 'What is your name?' I asked her. 'Georgia' she confirmed. Then the penny dropped. In Elena's profile, they are described as Alex and 'G'. G for Georgia! I looked up and said 'I am libros.' She lifted her head, took my face in both hands and said 'hello libros.' By chance I had found my Elena.

Patience is my virtue and Georgia enjoyed a second orgasm. By now though, I was feeling an increasing need to fuck her and come. Not knowing her intent, I suggested that I put on a condom. Only when Georgia agreed, did I know that the promise would be fulfilled. Intercourse was perhaps too brief. I sensed that I came a little too soon for Georgia's liking, but in my defense, I had been waiting five hours.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Snow Stops Play

Saturday 4th Feb

I watched the snow fall as I called Sally, the lady of the couple we were due to be meeting and agreed that unless the weather worsened, we would still meet as arranged.

I really don't want tonight to get postponed. Mr C was one of the first people we met in a swinger's chat room nearly two years ago. Back then, he was a shy single guy that seemed to be an easy target for ridicule amongst other users of the chat room. We had many conversations, both in there and on MSN. We agreed to be friends on Facebook on the understanding that any reference to swinging was to be banned. There was a time and place for everything. In the beginning, we used to chat every day and we eventually met some four months later at a social event in Birmingham. A mad 48 hours out of which came some very long lasting friendships. Mr C and I have shared many a moment; most light hearted but some quite deep and emotional. He has been a constant admirer of my writing, supported and encouraged me to continue with my dream of one day getting published. I'm sure we have talked about sex on many an occasion but we have never passed more then innuendos between us. He has never asked to play and I have never led him on.

Sally has been around for the same amount of time but with less contact. She was then with a partner. We met her at the same social as Mr C. I spoke to her for all of five minutes. Then she was sporting a rather fabulous Andrew's Sisters uniform that she had made herself (it was a fancy dress evening). We continued chatting on line for some months until late summer when she popped up with a new profile as.......a single woman! Deep breath. The reason we got into swinging in the first instance was so I could explore my bi-side but we had not found the right woman and here was someone we had met, liked, already had a friendship with....what were we waiting for? From the first message to walking in her front door took all of four days. Oh boy, what an evening that was! After an hour's chat she took me by the hand and led me upstairs. We started kissing, undressing, touching, stroking, sharing one another, all three of us enjoying our bodies being entwined. She comes easily and is not shy about it. Over and over again, between us we had her gushing, soaking the bed sheets until eventually she lost control when I was down on her and I ended up with a mouthful of freshly ejaculated fluid. I was so surprised I could only fall back on the bed and laugh. Once I had told them what had happened we were all in hysterics but when composure was restored, Husband was soon fucking her from behind. With all our experience this was the first opportunity I had really had to watch him at his best. There she was, bent over the bed, retro corset still in place getting banged senseless. Husband's face (which she of course, could not see) was an absolute picture, he gripped her tight, held on for dear life, not withdrawing until the job was done. Me? I was happy to lay on the bed, directly in front of her and masturbate. The whole evening was erotic.

So when these two special people hooked up as a couple after another social event we were keen to get together with them. The time felt right. They were unable to join us at New Year but hey we had waited all this time, another few weeks wouldn't make so much difference.

An hour later we were on our way but five minutes into the journey, we had to turn back. We could barely see a hand in front of our face. Damn the snow and all the chaos it brings!

When we do finally get together, the meet will be all the sweeter. I will finally get my hands on Mr C!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Kate as seen by Dark Knight

I entered their house, my mind on the many things I wanted to catch up on with husband. He, somewhat irritated, ushered me towards the conservatory at the far end. My first glimpse of Kate pulls me up short. Husband and anything I was thinking vaporise. I see black shoes and black stockings, nothing else and cannot move another step until my mind has processed what I am seeing. I'm shocked by the unexpected. My senses gathered, I move forward cautiously into the doorway. Kate seated to my right comes into full view. There are no first impressions, I can't take it in. Instead my eyes are drawn towards details. First are her suspenders, two black stripes on each thigh linking her exposed legs from stocking tops, like an arachnid guarding her lair. Then her jacket, a black dinner jacket like no other I have ever seen, creating a deep v from her throat. She is naked beneath and my eyes are drawn to a crease under her right breast, the jacket mocks me by shielding her nipple from view. Her hair has a hint of wildness. If I know Kate, this has either taken a few seconds to shake into shape, or some hours of careful teasing to create the exact tousled look I see now. The jacket is tied at the waist by a single black ribbon. In a neat bow, the loops and tails hang down towards .....
Oh my god! She isn't wearing knickers! Her suspender belt gives the illusion of dress but stops short of her lap revealing a tantalising triangle of bare flesh that disappears between her crossed legs.

Only now can I take in the whole picture. I lean on the door frame. I have to, my legs wouldn't be capable of carrying me upright and had they been able, I would have crossed and ravished her on the spot, husband or no.  All this takes but a few seconds; it feels like several minutes. Gradually order is restored to my brain. I cross to this vision and plant in her a kiss that I hope tells her how I feel.  Seated I am unable to keep my hands from her, restraining myself to a hand on her leg, although I was unable to resist the urge to cup that glorious, nippleless breast.

The rest you know. Kate writes of our bedroom encounter in terms more intimate than I ever could.
Kate is a woman who wants to be fucked. Knowing this allows us to give and receive exactly what we want, need and perhaps crave. She wants her man to come inside her. When I am there, I am thinking in the here and now. My mind is tuned into each touch and every movement. I feel her body absorbing mine. Those few moments are precious, soon they will be a memory and I shall be counting down the days until I return. It is intense, made all the more special by husband who supports and encourages Kate to be the goddess that she is.