Monday, 30 January 2012

The Dark Knight & Me

He was pleased to see me; it was evident from the look on his face. I couldn't tell from my position if the pleasure had found its way yet to beneath the folds of his trousers.

He had no idea I would be waiting for him like that; presenting myself in a seductive manner, robed in black, seamed stockings, heels, six strap suspender and tuxedo jacket, tied loosely at the front with a satin ribbon. In my sitting position, the jacket gaped sufficiently to reveal a glimpse of my breasts and the long string of pearls that hung loosely between them.

It's just after 10.30am on a Friday morning.

He stood, mesmerised for a moment, leaning against the wall, taking me in with his eyes, not quite knowing what to say. Eventually he came over to greet me with a long lingering passionate kiss that is all Dark Knight and no-one else. A kiss that says 'you look amazing/you always dress to please/it's good to see you again.'
He sits beside me, my husband the other, and we engage in conversation. It's all sexual and the topic varies; there is no subject we cannot talk about. It is a terrific bond the three of us share.

He strokes my leg as we talk and I gently squeeze his hand. He cannot resist the temptation to slip his hand inside my jacket and cup my breast, then leans in to kiss my naval. I leaned my head back on the couch and let out a sigh. I could have given myself to him there and then, but it wasn't time.

We had planned a mini photo shoot; a little bit of fun but with good reason. I am kept on the couch for a few shots then moved to a wooden chair. They brought out the wrist and ankle restraints, blindfold, red bondage rope and black tape. It's all experimental and good fun. I am put in a variety of positions, patient while they tie me, bind me and pose me with props.

They leave me for a moment, tied to the chair in the conservatory, to retrieve one or two more props; Dark Knight is the first to return. Again, he leans down to kiss me, open mouthed with tongues. I cannot respond with my hands as they are tied but I am wet and ready to play. I express my need and am immediately released. We head upstairs to the comfort and privacy of the bedroom, warmed by the winter sun.

Dark Knight undresses and lies on the bed beside me, husband at the foot of the bed, armed with the camera. We lock together; he embraces me like an anaconda restricting his prey. I don't mind at all, I enjoy the fervour. His hands all over me, impatiently travelling from one area to another, I am already writhing. Then comes the oral; his tongue delves deep, having parted my lips with his fingers. His touch is a welcome pleasure. He finds the spot, the nerve centre of my vagina, sending shock waves from head to foot, a cold tingling sensation running throughout my body.

I have husband's cock in my mouth and salivating whilst being devoured elsewhere. I am on the edge and need fucking. DK puts the condom in place and I straddle him, taking in the joy that spreads across his face as he slides smoothly inside me; a place he loves to be, a place I enjoy him being. He grips at my hips and bounces me up and down, controlling the thrusting. My knees are rubbing against the bed covers, getting warmer from the friction. He encourages me to lay my legs out behind him so he can sit up with me still on his lap. We manage the manoeuvre without breaking contact and I lean back onto my husband who is standing and now supporting me with his chest. His fingers and thumbs are tweaking at my nipples as DK continues to buck me.

From his sweat and panting breath, I wonder if he needs a break. Taking my hand behind me, and feeling his rigidity, I know my husband is ready to play his part. So I suggest we switch places. DK removes himself and I get on all fours, feet just over the edge of the bed. Husband enters, pulls me back hard on to him, giving his full length in one hit! I can feel every inch of him, even though I have been penetrated already. DK returns and lies underneath me. Condom removed, I go down on him, taking him deep to the base, feeling him grow ever stronger in the warmth of my mouth. With every thrust from behind, I suck harder. I try not to scratch with my teeth or make sudden movements, but its difficult. Husband comes quickly and withdraws but I am still hungry. Fortunately, DK has recovered and is solid again. I grab a foil packet, hand it to DK and re-position myself on to my back, masturbating to keep the momentum going.

Deep inside me, once more we embrace, suctioned together by the dampness of his sweat. The eye contact is intense. He tells me he has no stories for me this time, but goes on to quote years. I have no idea why but I go with the flow, loving his hot breath so close to my ear. I am happy that he is inside me, and I know he will remain there until he comes. I can feel his teeth sink gently into parts of my upper body as passion takes over. I wrap my legs around him, holding him fast. I am not letting go, not for anyone. His face changes, his climax near. Sinking my feet into the mattress and pushing my pelvis upward, I brace myself for the finale and then..........the ultimate release. We finish, as ever, with a long continual kiss, sucking on one anothers lips before he eases the pressure of his body from mine.

I hold his face in my hands 'Thank you' I say.
'Everyone should have a Kate' he says.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Quiet Night in the Club

I have been told that couples find it difficult to meet other couples in swinger clubs. I'm fascinated by this and determined to explore for myself the difficulties they face. Are they real, or self-inflicted?

Saturday I gained a further insight. I went to a club with a companion, Lorraine. We had played once at a house party and this would be our first night out together. She is an experienced swinger, but after a twelve month time out this would be her first club visit. We arrived and were greeted warmly by the hosts and guests who knew Lorraine from past adventures. We were given a comprehensive tour and an uncensored briefing on the work and difficulties to be overcome in order to create a successful club. We were shown the attached hotel facilities and offered use of the hot tub. A privilege not normally afforded to club guests. We declined as the outside temperature was freezing.

Back in the club we grabbed a few drinks and wandered around. It was a very quiet night. Perhaps eight or nine couples? There were a few groups of four, but otherwise people remained in their pairs. We took another look around the play rooms and selected the room we liked best to play. Stripped off and offering Lorraine cunnilingus, I could hear voices in the corridor outside. We had left the door open, an invitation to others should they wish to enter. I looked up just the once to see a man watching us from the doorway, but not wanting to spoil the flow didn't stop to ask Lorraine if she wanted company. We spent an hour or so alone before moving on from oral sex to intercourse. Lorraine is a receptive lover and I could see in her face that she was enjoying me inside her just as much as I was being there. Earlier we had been discussing what an orgasm feels like. She had said that men had not been able to describe it. Nor had I at the time, but after I came I gave her a graphic and detailed description.

Our play over, we headed toward the bar and bumped into a couple that we had talked with earlier in the corridor. Then, they had chosen to go off to play. Now, we invited them to join us for a drink, but once there, they chose to keep themselves to themselves. We settled ourselves with a drink and surveyed the scene. 

We talked about who might welcome a conversation with us. Lorraine pointed out that our friends clearly weren't interested. I suggested two couples talking together at a table. "They may be planning to play and you would be interrupting them." "What about the couple seated at the bar?" I enquired. "Body language," said she. "He is sitting facing away from the room and don't point. People will think we are talking about them." Are the obstacles real, or imagined? I was none the wiser. 

"Well," said I. "At least we have had a good time and I gave you a description of my orgasm." "Yes," said Lorraine "and half the people in the corridor!"

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Friday the 13th

After a fruitless search on the Internet for company, we entered the club alone. Several couples had already taken up their positions either at the bar or on one of the leather couches yet no-one seemed to be very interactive. I scanned the area for obvious singles and found none to my instant liking.

Before too long, we were joined by Tracy & Mark, a couple we had met at the same venue just four weeks before. Whilst on that occasion Tracy was very chatty I found Mark hard to get along with; his body language was giving off negative signals and he was reluctant to join in any conversation that was made. Tonight he was quite different; When he smiled, his eyes lit up and I found myself attracted to him. He was much more attentive and seemed to be up for a good night. 

The bar soon became crowded as more people entered and the temperature rose; I mean quite literally. I was hot beyond belief so I decided to head through to the locker room, leave my classic grey dress behind and parade around in my lingerie; a black bra, my new six strap suspender belt, seamed stockings and heels.
As I walked back into the bar, heads turned and comments were made. 

I stood next to Mark for a moment before he realised I was there. He did a double-take. 'Have you lost your dress?' he asked, laughing
'No,' I replied, quite seriously 'I know exactly where my dress is.' Then I gave him a wink before turning my attention to my husband.
If there was any doubt in his mind that he wanted me, it had been removed with the disposal of my dress.

It wasn't long before other women followed my lead and de-robed too.
In the main play room, Husband and I found a vacant bed and settled down. I got him to lie back while I gave him a long slow blow job. I was very conscious of three or four single guys that were watching; one of them made no secret about the fact he was masturbating underneath his towel. I tried not to let this put me off my stroke and continued with my work. During this time, Tracy had taken centre stage, on the massive play bed that dominated the room. She was being taken from behind by a young, fit black guy and from the grunts and groans that were echoing around the room, she was enjoying every moment of her time with him. I was grateful to her for deflecting the attention away from me for a while. It is the first time I have felt slightly uncomfortable around single guys.

Hubby and I changed positions and he now had me on my back with my feet flat to the bed and knees raised. Busy with his fingers, he watched as an older gentleman came and sat at the foot of the bed. He made comment about Tracy having a good time, then casually started stroking at my foot. With each sweep, his hand rose a little higher up my leg until eventually he touched the bare flesh between my stocking top and suspender belt. It was at this point I asked him politely to stop. I enjoyed what I had received but I didn't want any more. Thank you.

Whilst a few singles kept hovering in the hope of receiving an invite to join us, one single remained seated to our right, unassuming and apparently paying no attention to us or our activities. He asked my husband politely if he could join us and was told no thank you. Without communicating so much to my husband, I had been watching him, admiring his profile, wondering if he could be suitable company for me so on hearing the question I asked hubby to retract his negation.

My guest introduced himself as Richard, a tall, slim guy with dark hair. He lay beside me and started by stroking at my still stocking clad legs. He truly made me catch my breath as he kissed softly from my breast to my naval. Wow. He was eager to please and constantly complimented me on having such a wonderful body. I ran my hand down his side from underneath his arm to the top of his boxers (I didn't ask why he was wearing these, just accepted it). What occurred to me was just how slight this man was. His pelvis bone was prominent, a little like I would expect a catwalk model would want to look. I dismissed the thought and trailed my hand to the front of his boxers. Wowsers. What was he hiding in there? I waited until he had had his fill of tasting my juices before I offered to return the favour. Kneeling up, I helped him out of his black trunks and his erect cock sprang free. Sorry, I correct myself. His HUGE erect cock sprang free. With one hand at the base and mouth (at full stretch I might add) covering the top, there was still flesh exposed to the air. I have no idea how much length there was but it was more than I could handle, that's for sure. I did what I could for a short time before deciding I wanted him to fuck me, which of course he was eager to do.

Once the condom was in place, I straddled Richard and took his length slowly until he was completely submerged. He must have sensed my apprehension as he kept asking if I was okay, which I was...for a while. I can't quite put my finger on it but I wasn't entirely comfortable so we switched positions and went doggy. That worked for a while too, but I was drying out. Hubby lubed me up but within seconds the friction was back again and I was beginning to feel sore. We took time out, I regained my breath, drank some water (it was incredibly hot in the play room too) and applied more lube. This time Richard went on top but again I had to stop proceedings. The dryness was unbearable. I apologised profusely and Richard lay back looking deflated 'What am I to do?' he said, rather too grief-stricken for my liking, gently man-handling himself. Feeling like I owed him something, I took over with my hands but by my own admission I am lousy at giving hand jobs, I much prefer to take matters into my mouth but I knew I was going to struggle again there too. Remembering the words of wisdom 'the woman is in charge at all times' I ended it there. Playtime was over. Without sounding harsh, we thanked him for his time, made our excuses and left.

We retired to the bar where thankfully the air was much cooler, grabbed a sandwich, some light bites and water. When I realised it not yet midnight, we went on the hunt again. Back on the same bed, we eyed up the suitable singles. Oh yes, tall blond guy, would you like to join us?

Enter Gavin. Seconds out round two. He was tall, probably close to six foot and quite broad. I could imagine him being a rugby player or possibly even a rower. Big hands. Strong hands. A good sized cock, that was sure to meet my needs, and comfortably so. He was a damn good kisser too. I enjoyed the way his tongue darted in and out of my mouth, always retracting each time my tongue tried to find his, like it was fitted with some kind of sensor to avoid oncoming traffic. The entire time he was down on me, he gripped at my breast with his firm hand, my hand running up and down his forearm, communicating my pleasure with little squeezes every now and then. It wasn't long before he was inside me and what a great fuck it was. My legs hoisted right up over his broad shoulders and his balls slapping hard against the curves of my arse. He pounded me so hard that I couldn't wait for him to come and come he did. I knew this guy would not let me down. As he climbed off the bed he passed me some wipes and tissues then chatted for a while. Keen to stay in contact with him, I handed him my phone number on a pre-printed card before he left the room.

Although I'd had a great time with Richard and Gavin, I felt something lacking but couldn't put my finger on what it was. Then, I glanced across to see Mark enjoying himself, but not with me!
At that moment another of my green lights of the night appeared and it wasn't long before Andy joined us. He couldn’t have been more different from Gavin; much shorter, bald and quite a few fading tattoos. He was another one of the unassuming singles and that is what attracted me to him. I don’t remember much foreplay but on penetration he did remark how tight I was. After a dozen or so thrusts inside me, he paused confessing that he had only just finished playing with someone else and had come and that he thought he was going to struggle with reaching another orgasm. I sat up and kissed him, reassuring him that to me, his ejaculation wasn't necessary. Wanting to give me something, he encouraged me to lie back, while he pleasured me. Again like Richard, he used his fingers and tongue to stimulate both my g-spot and clitoris simultaneously. I was on a short fuse, my explosion near. I worked my fingers vigorously until the point of no return. I sank my feet deep within the mattress, pushed my pelvis skyward and screamed out as my orgasm and fluid left my now aching body. Andy was somewhat astonished at the result of our work describing it as 'fookin amazin, that is'

After regaining some composure I stumbled across to the middle bed to join some friends for a late night chat and assessment of the evenings events. Husband fucked me, having contained his excitement all night and I gave one male friend a complimentary blow job while I was being fucked and while his wife was getting a good seeing to from the black guy that had been in demand all night.

We left the last of the playing couples behind us and got ourselves re-dressed and headed back to the bar. Before leaving, we decided to hunt down our friends to say good night when Tracy & Mark caught up with us.
I embraced Tracy 'Lovely to see you again,' I said genuinely
Mark had a huge grin on his face. I reached up to hug him. 'See you again some time'
'You can be sure of that!' he declared, squeezing my arse so tight I worried he would leave an indentation on my cheeks.

I walked away knowing that we had both missed a cracking opportunity to get to know each other on a more intimate level, but next time we meet I'm going to nail him!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Couples Night

Saturday I went to a club with my new date. We had first met a few months before at a swingers house party.  She with her partner of the night and me with my date. This party and venue has been an item on the swingers calendar many years and the organiser takes a dim view of all the clubs that have sprung up in latter years.  She calls them 'commercial swinging', as though a party advertised on the internet, charging for entry, albeit just sufficient to cover the costs of upkeep and improvement, is not commercial.  I suspect it is the absence of a profit motive that is the difference, although to those attending, the difference is difficult to discern.

My new date had been having a less than satisfactory experience attending various events with her partner and at that party I had suggested that she come out with me one night to experience how a party should be. We had met once since for a dinner and were attending the club as a couple who have never played together. This would be a learning experience and could easily go pear shaped. I had no idea at this stage whether my new date was ready or even contemplating sex with me. 

Arriving at the club, we had conducted ourselves on a tour of the facilities. The club is not new to me, but I had forgotten, or perhaps not explored all its nooks and crannies on previous visits. I was captivated by the atmosphere of the evening. I had never been to a club or party where all the attendees were couples. There was not a single lone male. This gave the place a heavily understated sexual charge. Couples were settled in various parts of the main lounge, alone or sometimes in groups of four or six. Each talking quietly between themselves. I have said before that I think couples find it difficult to approach others and I felt that I wanted to introduce ourselves to each and every one. At my suggestion we approached to chat with a few couples but I felt that my new date was nervous and a little apprehensive. Then a couple arrived whom my new date knew and they greeted each other warmly. My new date relaxed and our party with Lara and Cameron began.

At our new arrivals' suggestion we toured the facilities once again, this time trying out some of the paraphanalia in the 'dungeon', then headed for the cinema. I had completely forgotten it existed. Inside were a dozen people and we found ourselves a space in the back row, which was more a back row of beds. I found myself between Lara and my new date. Lara, a mischievous imp, encouraging both of us to fondle her. It was pretty tame stuff and I really wanted to find out how comfortable my new date would be in an intimate situation. In small baby steps, I kissed her neck, arms and shoulders, but avoided her mouth. We had never kissed mouth to mouth. Whenever I had approached her, she had offered me her cheek. I was going to take this very slowly. Little by little she relaxed with me and I took the opportunity to offer her my lips. This time she took them with hers. A brief kiss. Relaxing further, we kissed some more and progressed to a full sensuous kiss and touching of tongues. I felt that my new date was talking to me through her lips. She had something to tell me and a short while later she told me. This was her first proper kiss for many years. I felt humbled and honoured that she trusted me to take her gift and treat it with the respect it deserved. A reason for the diffidence that I had first encountered, fell into place My patience had encouraged her to take a personal risk and give herself up to me in this small way. Small for me, but huge for her. A rubicon had been crossed and this appeared to satisfy her. Encouraged by Lara, she moved across to Cameron to pay him some attention.

Lara's eyes were set on me. Her hands had migrated to my cock and as I shed my clothes she delighted in having the flesh exposed to her fingers. Soon enough it was her mouth that wanted the goods and extracting condoms from her bag, she unrolled one on to me. I'm not a fan of fellatio with a condom, but will respect my partner's preference. In fact, Lara gave me a most enjoyable touch through the fine latex. Her thirst sated, she knelt up on all fours presenting me with her rump for inspection. I deemed hers to be one of the finest and thrust my pre wrapped penis into her cunt. Lara really wanted me to cum in her, but my orgasm I had already decided would be saved for my new date, the one that I had only just kissed. Upon retrieving myself from Lara, she enquired if I had cum. Not wishing to disappoint her, I told her yes and brandished my empty condom, hoping that in the gloom she wouldn't notice.

My new date, was laying on her back, one hand fondling Cameron's penis, the other Lara's breast. She was still fully clothed. I decided to remove her tights, yes tights, once I had worked out how to take off her boots. She was helpful, raising her buttocks and soon was naked from the waist down. My mouth was on her pussy in seconds and here I want to say that I felt that I understood her. Some women are complicated. In the dark, there are unidentified folds and contours that don't quite read like an ordnance survey. My new date was simple, in the sense that her lips led me unerringly to her clitoris. Her vagina was exactly where I pictured it should be. This woman appeared to have been designed for me. My tongue felt that it had known this woman for many years. Not a feeling of familiarity, more one of understanding. I hope this makes some sense. Intercourse was intense, this woman responding to my every thrust. I am in the habit of describing how I feel during intercourse. In this environment I was completely silent, but felt that she could hear what I was saying with my penis. When I came, she came and when she came, she came wet, very wet.

Friday, 6 January 2012

New Year's Eve

Dee looked lovely in a knee length black dress, her usual nude stockings that were seamed with red stitching, black heels and wrapped around her shoulders, a red feather boa; very sophisticated. She's a small lady, in height I mean but gorgeous. She has curves in all the right places. A real woman. I could smell her long thick black hair until the cows come home. Her husband, Trevor is taller and grey; his cologne got me going straight away. I noticed that the last time we met. I told him so when we embraced.

Alan is tall, a Sean Connery look a like if ever there was one. His thinning grey hair gives him a very distinguished appearance, his bushy moustache an attractive feature of his face. Given his height, he dominates the room. His wife, Emma is tiny by comparison; petite in every way. Standing at five foot, if that, she cannot be any more than a size 8. She has short cropped blond wavy hair. Her high heels raised her by a few inches and she looked like she was packing dynamite in a tight fitting low cut black dress, cynched in at the waist with a deep elasticated fashion belt.

These two couples had not met until this evening, but with both of them having travelled some distance to us, they had arrived late afternoon and acquainted over an early beer.

Salt and Pepper got to us just after seven. Pepper greeted me as always with a warm hug and a squeeze of the 'merchandise'; my bum. Salt looked terrific in a new faux leather bodice laced attractively over her back, accompanied by a black taffeta ra ra skirt, stockings and heels.

For the record I chose to wear a purple zip fronted basque which proved a hit with the management the last time we visited a club.

We had re-arranged the lounge to accommodate an airbed in the middle of the floor and positioned the two couches a little further back to allow more than enough room to play. Main lights were left off, the room ambiently illuminated by a table lamp and the fairy lights on the Christmas tree.

Okay the scene is set. After a drink or two we moved through to the lounge. Trevor & Dee sat on one couch, Alan and Emma on the other. I reminded them they were at a swingers party and they were not allowed to sit next to their own partners at this early stage. I suggested politely the men 'move one along'. They duly obliged. It started proceedings off nicely. Soon Alan's hand was on Salt's breast and Emma had her hands all over Trevor in a bid to get to know each other better. Dee pulled up a dining room chair, my husband sat at her feet. Pepper and I curled up together on the floor, kissing passionately having not been together sexually since September. Our actions seemed to quell the polite chit chat and all guests started to turn up the heat a little.

My husband and Dee soon disappeared into the conservatory, which left the six of us. I can't really recall the sequence of events if I am honest, who stripped first, who got the first blow job or the first fuck but we coupled off nicely. I do remember Trevor sitting on the couch, in a relaxed position and allowing me to give him a blow job. After some time, he sat forward and I stretched up to kiss him. Someone's fingers reached deep inside me, from behind and as I neared orgasm I had to break away from the kissing to let my feelings out. I couldn't hold back. I felt the liquid leave my body, soaking Trevor's foot. Gushing was becoming quite a habit of mine. We laughed and I apologised which wasn't necessary at all. He found the whole affair quite a turn on. The commotion caused a stir among the other players. I could hear slapping in the background. Not hand on buttock but balls on arse. Salt was on her back getting a damn good rogering from Sean Connery. His hairy bum was a sight to behold, pounding at her like it might have been his last fuck. I knew what that felt like; being pounded by Alan. I hoped it wouldn't be too long before I experienced it again. Eight months was a long time to wait but he didn't let me down. He fucked me quite soon after finishing with Salt. He certainly had the energy to satisfy my long awaited needs but he had no stock left, I'm not surprised. Salt knows how to get the best out of guys. I think she drained him. I wasn't complaining. I was hoping to get fucked by all four guys at the party, so Alan not coming inside me wasn't a worry. It has become apparent to me from experience and from talking with DK that if I am to have multiple guys in one session they cannot fuck me until they come. I wouldn't be able to take it without becoming uncomfortable. I am learning the ways.

Another memorable moment was leaning over Pepper, giving him some head, Emma gently playing with both of us when she said in her lovely Essex tones 'Ang on to yer 'at, one coming in from behind.' I appreciated the forewarning and braced myself in a more sturdy position, removing my hands from the semi-mobile airbed and fixing them to the floor. For some unknown reason I assumed it was my husband, but as soon as cock penetrated pussy I knew different. Ahhh Trevor. Lovely. I was really happy. The last time we met he had been unable to penetrate successfully (there was a lot going on at the time) so it was a complete delight to receive him and for him to sustain until orgasm.

What was truly special was that at times we were submerged in fun and games but there were also moments when each of us could rest, sit back and take in the view. I was taking one such break, idly playing with Emma while she was playing with Trevor and we were watching the logistics of the tallest guy trying to penetrate the smallest lady. With Dee on all fours, Alan struggled to position himself comfortably and in spending time trying to adjust himself 'lost the moment.' Emma suggested I approach him from behind. I knew exactly what to do to get him aroused again. With one hand on his condomed penis, I tweaked his nipple as tight as I could and rotated between my finger and thumb. I could sense how well I was doing as his erection slowly restored to its full thick glory sufficient enough for him to penetrate his chosen lover. From my position I had a fantastic view of Dee's wet pussy and just how well Alan was able to manipulate it with his fingers up to the point of penetration.

In summary, Salt took Alan three times, I had two different fucks and Dee scored with all three of the guys (which proves the quiet ones really are the worst). Pepper, after a long run of what he describes as 'poor performances' fucked two new woman and pummelled his wife too.

Given this was our first house party, I believe we chose our guests wisely, who although they didn't all necessary fuck one another they did all get along and were happy to be in one another's company in such intimate circumstances.

It was a terrific way to end/start the year and the house party has revived my vim and vigour to progress further into the swinging world with a 'bucket list' already written for a fun filled 2012!

Happy New Year!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Specialist Saturday

I'm feeling a little deflated, with no good reason. Perhaps its the year ending and no parties for the next few weeks, by which I mean swinger's parties.  I attended with my date at a specialist event, the Black Man's Fan Club.  A well attended party, which rotates venue on a weekly basis.  

The atmosphere was boisterous.  A friend of ours used to attend regularly, but stopped, saying that he found the competition between males to be too much. I can appreciate what our friend was talking about. The boys are full on and the ladies receive constant attention. It is quite intimidating. Early on, I was dancing with my date on a reasonably busy dance floor. Next I know, a complete stranger has broken us up and taken over. It was all good natured and we hadn't been chained together, but it was a foretaste of what was to come. Observing the large number of single guys, the wall flowers stood out from their more proactive peers.  This was not a party to watch and wait.  To get any action you had to dive in and get yourself noticed. A note here for the ladies.  If you are irritated by clubs where the men don't make a proper effort, or wait for you to make the first move, this is the party for you.  Just turn up, dress to kill and wait.  You won't be alone for long.
My date and I did our usual thing.  She went her way and I mine. Her count at the evening's end was five men, including me. One, a blow job in the toilet.  She was in there for a pee.  The door doesn't lock.  Next she knows, a man walks in, introduces himself as 'Big D', unzips his trousers and pulls out his penis for her. Another, Peter I think, walks up to her in the hall, grabs her hand and says 'come with me'. He leads her up the stairs for a play session in one of the bedrooms. They hadn't exchanged a word before. Number three was our dance floor partner and her fourth a man she had met at a previous party.
My count? Zilch, nada, niente! I struck out, save for a very nice session with my date at the evening's end. I have this cynical view that a good night for a man is that he cums.  I'd like to modify that view. At a party, my social instinct is to seek out a new mate and when I don't succeed I feel as though I have failed. This leaves me feeling deflated and as I said at the outset, with no good reason.  I engaged with couples, propositioned three women, one who agreed to play later and received a backhanded compliment from the hostess, who informed me that for a white guy I moved pretty good on the dance floor. At this point those who know me, reading this, will have their head in their hands. 
I tried and knowing how my date was treated, realise that I was never in with a serious chance.
But you know what? I can't wait to go back and try again.