Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Day of Pleasures

I wasn't sure I would write any more blogs, but I can't shake this feeling inside me.

We returned from Kestrels yesterday after a good day. Yes, it was chilly, not the kind of weather you want to be parading around naked outdoors in, but we found sheltered areas, and made good use of the hot tub, sauna and swimming pool.

It never takes me long to warm up enough to play so we (Hubby, Dark Knight and myself) headed for the dungeons for some fun, taking a single guy along for the ride. An audience quickly gathered to watch over the stable door. I think perhaps my first companion was more of a voyeur and one who likes to please rather than be pleased. He was incredibly gentle with every touch; his fingers seemed to glide in and out of me with some ease. It felt good to have all three men attend to me at one time, although they were quite happy to each take a step back and watch the other two. I told him I was ready to be fucked and as he rolled on top with condom in place he said 'I'm gonna come in less than 30 seconds'. True to his word he did, but the length of penetration mattered not. The foreplay had been great and I was pleased that the session had culminated with such gentle grace.

He left the bed and my Husband encouraged me to have more. Dark Knight stepped up to the mark. He never fails to deliver and I'm not sure I can add anymore to his repertoire than I have written previously except that each time, the passion is stronger; always an eagerness to fulfil and satisfy. I welcomed him home again, in front of a keen audience of men who I am pretty sure were hoping they would be invited to join in next.

It's not like me to be conscious of on-lookers but I felt the floor show was over so asked for the door to be closed. Everyone moved away but one man was invited back. A tall guy with stubble I had noticed when we swam in the pool. He introduced himself as Jay as he crawled on the bed to my left. He instantly pulled me close, moulding me to his body, locking my leg between his. The closeness was incredible, something I would not expect to experience with someone I had only just met. Somehow whilst taking me firmly in hold, he remained gentle and tender in every way; showering me with light kisses and soft touches from the fingers. I swear I can still feel him now. I wanted to mount him, so I eased him on to his back and took his cock in my mouth. I wanted him to relax and enjoy what I had to give before we shared that ultimate moment of penetration. I can't begin to imagine what was going through Jay's head at that moment in time, I couldn't read him at all unsure if he was nervous, excited, apprehensive or anxious. I guided him in and rocked back and forth, maintaining eye contact throughout to reassure him all was okay. I stroked him arms and upper body, occasionally falling forwards to kiss or hold him closer until we could continue no longer.

Unfortunately, Jay left without saying good-bye and I have no way of contacting him, but I hope our paths cross again some day.

As I write, I have no idea if the sequence of events is correct, but the events did happen. I am still on a high and surprisingly still very horny. It seems the more sex I have, the more I want and need. I am weak at the knees, sleepy and unable to concentrate and I'm not sure what or who is to blame; my two new companions, Dark Knight and hubby for making me gush then fucking me in the sex swing or my very good friend for his saucy sexy on line chat before bedtime.

The reality is I guess, that no-one is to blame. I am a horny little minx with a high sex drive and a need to be fucked. And I really don't have a problem with that.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Spa Partners

The garden of the naturist's spa soon filled. It seemed this glorious March sunshine had encouraged plenty of people to take advanatge of the good weather and were here to relax and maybe play.

After sitting for a while, we headed for the dungeons and chose the end room on the left; one with a door.
We asked Frank to join us. He'd sat in front of us in the garden and was a green light. He was tall, I would guess mid-50's, thin greying hair and a well trimmed beard and moustache. He was more than happy to keep us company but in a voyeuristic capacity only. He had a German sounding accent although he claimed to be Italian. He watched as Rob and I started kissing. I had my back to him, soon he was stroking, very gently along my side.

We inched up the bed a little further, for more comfort. I remember Frank saying he would like to see many men on me, at once - he boldly suggested eight.
'Let's open the door and invite someone in' he suggested. I gave it a moments thought and looked at spouse. The eye contact approved and he duly opened the door.
Enter Simon, a guy that had sat in the hot tub while we swam in the pool. I hadn't really indicated one way or the other but we had agreed Simon was a little of a Jack Dee look a like.

Simon knelt close to my head so I was able to suck on him. His cock was a good length, slender and smooth. I clutched at his buttocks, pulling him in, his hand on the back of my head, holding me firm. Frank's words constantly encouraging me to take Simon deeper.
Frank's busy fingers had me wet with desire. I needed fucking. Husband passed the condom. Simon didn't last long. The temptation to come apparently was too overwhelming. I don't remember him leaving but I do remember Miguel joining us. He was a definite green light I had spotted before we even checked in. He was in the pool with another single and had sat in front, just to the left of us in the garden.

Miguel was Portguese; thick black hair, facial stubble, good body. I recall having a good time with Miguel. He wasn't a kisser, nor did he give oral although he was happy to receive. Another condom passed, another good fucking. Frank was having a good time too. I was desperate for his cock in my mouth while Miguel was fucking me, but he wasn't giving in. Part of me thought good for you Frank, sticking to your guns but a part of me was in excrutiating pain, knowing what I wanted was but an arms length away yet access was denied. Maybe that was part of Frank's game plan, the way he gets his kicks. He wasn't after all denying me anything he had promised. The whole scenario was quite erotic.

We took a break, rested, sun-bathed and swam. I engaged in conversation with a lovely couple, chatting about different aspects of the lifestyle etc. He was black, charming, extremely well hung, she was white, curvy, shoulder length blonde hair. They had met through the scene and now played as a couple. They were both well spoken but although I didn't ask directly, I was under the impression they were not interested in playing. (Mental note to ask the question and get confirmation rather than assuming.)

We got chatting to Steve when he placed himself on a sunbed close by. The sun had moved around and the lounger he'd chosen was in the shade. He made a point of moving it into the sun which happened to mean closer to me. I made a joke of it which broke the ice and he stayed talking for a while. There was definitely a connection. When he rose to move on, he introduced himself. I made a point of saying see you later, hoping he would take this as a green light to find us when he was ready.
Later, on our way back to the dungeons, we passed Steve. I'm such a silly girl. Looking back he was obviously waiting for an invite but instead I tried to ask spouse silently if we could ask him along but the moment had gone. So I missed out. Instead we found Dan, just entering the long covered corridor adjacent to the dungeons. I asked him to join us and he followed.
Dan was quite amazing, he interacted in every way I wanted. He kissed, was great at giving oral, and was happy to receive. He sat with his back to the wall, legs splayed out. I buried my head in his lap and was gone for some time. He stroked my hair, caressed my face, encouraged me with his words. He wanted me to sit on him, so I guided him in gently and rode him well, hands pressed against the rough wall, leaning in to kiss him every now and then. We changed positions once or twice until I was eventually on my back. He pushed my legs towards my shoulders, bending me as far double as my body would allow, then pounded me hard. The position wasn't the most comfortable, I was desperate to release the pressure. I wrapped my legs around his fit, light brown frame and enjoyed the fucking he was giving me.
Afterwards, we sat and chatted. He was a smashing guy, lovely personality, spoke well, good conversationalist. I gave him my number.
I wasn't done. I wanted Steve. He was nowhere to be seen. Conscious of the time, husband and I went off to play in the small room in the house, with a one way mirror/window.
I could hear voices outside the door as we made love, so we put on a bit of a show. Outside, Simon greeted us. I feel he wanted more from me, having only played a short while earlier in the day. It wasn't going to happen for no other reason than the time constraint.
All too soon it was time to leave. In the changing room, Frank was hovering, then Steve appeared. Damn!
'Sorry we didn't get to play' I consoled him as I continued to dress.
I sat on the edge of the bench, leant forward to fasten my shoe. I sat up briefly, crossed my legs to fasten my other shoe
'You did that deliberately' Steve said, breaking his conversation with my husband
'Did what?' I asked genuinely
'Go on, do that again. Cross and uncross your legs. You flashed your knickers!' Steve was laughing.
I duly obliged.
'See what you've done now' he directed my gaze to the rather impressive bulge beneath the towel wrapped around his waist.
'Goodness. Come here. Let me take a look.' I beckoned him forward.
He unwrapped his towel to reveal something that was far too tempting for me to ignore. Still seated, I wrapped my mouth around his erection, sucking and licking to my hearts content.
'Do we have to go just yet?' I asked spouse. I already knew the answer but the tingle on my sex was hoping we could have delayed leaving for ten minutes.
I know this wouldn't have been the way I wanted it, I did (and do) want Steve to have the best of me. And it would take longer than ten minutes.
I'm definitely up for meeting Steve again for a fun time. I just hope I don't have to wait too long.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Carrying a Torch

He was all over me like a rash. Each time I turned around, he was there, either close by or watching from a distance.
He pulled me onto the dance floor and had me jigging around to Blondie's Hanging on the Telephone, not once letting go of my hand, sometimes pulling me in close, but always looking at me with a huge smile that made his eyes widen and sparkle. We were the  only ones 'out there' and strutting our stuff, I was embarrassed and extremely conscious that we were the centre of attention.

I didn't remember Melvyn from school. Not at all. For this reason, I had assumed he was in what we classed 'the lower band'. Classes for the kids that were taught  more practical skills than academic subjects. However, he clearly remembered me. From the brown rimmed spectacles I wore to the Gola bag I carried my school books in (it was the late 70's). From the girls I hung around with to the boy I dated when I returned to school after the summer of 1980. Not only did he remember me but he was clearly besotted by me. Love struck I think you might say. And it seemed this thin, scrawny but ever so likeable character had been carrying a torch for me for some twenty five years or so. He was, quite clearly, going to make the most of my company.

So when it came to the end of the evening, and the slow tunes played out through the huge speakers, once again Melvyn took me by the hand and led me to the dance floor. He held me tight like he never wanted to let go. He didn't care that I was an inch or two taller than him in my heels, in fact it put him in the advantageous position of being able to kiss at my neck without too much trouble.  If You Leave by OMD was perhaps over all too soon for Melvyn. I was definitely under the impression he didn't want the night to end but knowing it was, he wasn't going to let me walk out of the door without a final hug; a squeeze that lasted an eternity but one that gave him perhaps a last intake of my perfume that would keep him going for a few weeks.

Some months later, I learned that Melvyn had tried to take his own life. Discovering his wife had been sleeping with his brother, he had taken a length of rope and tried to hang himself from a tree, on a small green, behind some dodgy housing estate. I was mortified to hear the news but relieved his attempt had failed. Some joked that had he paid attention at sailing club he would have known how to tie a slip knot and the job would have been done. I don't share the laughs. I'm grateful that Melvyn is still with us. Three 'kids' never made it to our school reunion as they were cruelly taken from this world far too young and certainly not through their own choosing. They were dealt a very poor hand and alas lost out all too soon.
Life can be very cruel sometimes, but every now and then, something happens that will make you think, or someone comes along with a story that makes you realise just how precious life is.

LIFE: We should all live it, breathe it, and appreciate every day that is given to us. You just never know what's around the corner.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Confession To Kate

On my own in the bar I didn't feel the atmosphere was one for me to interact and it was just chance that I walked into the lounge and bumped into Dee and Trevor.  Our playing together was also chance. I asked if they were going to play again tonight. In my mind I wasn't thinking of with me. They said yes and then there was an awkward few seconds when they stood up, I remained seated and it was only when I asked Trevor, should I join them and he said yes that things were settled. You can imagine a stand up, half sit down, then stand up moment, with each unsure of who is going where with whom.

When we reached the poolroom, the bed was heaving with bodies, which explained the absence of atmosphere in the bar. Dee was a joy. I needed only to put my tongue or a finger near her vagina, for her to be moaning. She is sensitive to a touch at the threshold to her vagina.

As for you and I, there is a confession, which will come later.
I loved your talking me home. To be on the other end gave me some idea how it feels .... and I loved it. Dropping my heavy bags, genius!

Three weeks of abstinence did not improve the quality or intensity of my orgasm. Just the quantity of semen, which being into a condom, was perhaps a bit of a wasted opportunity. If anything, waiting three weeks seemed to have suppressed my libido and when the moment came to come, I didn't have the same intensity or control as usual. I think control is the issue. My body needed to come, but because I didn't have the control, I wasn't able to generate the same intensity as I have done before.  This is all subjective you understand.  I'm talking about tiny differences in what I am feeling.

So here is the confession. I came when we were fucking doggy. That's why I asked for a new condom. I could feel the pressure going and all the noise I made was about keeping hard and giving you what you needed, not my holding back an orgasm, but don't let that take anything away from the way you were messing around inside my head. It was quite scrambled.

I feel better now.  I have to tell you and hope it hasn't taken anything away from the experience for you. By the way, I woke up Saturday with a strained thigh.  I'm convinced that was caused by my using every ounce of myself to penetrate and stay with you.

Saturday at a party, I came, again a little sooner than would have been perfect and with less intensity, but I did feel more in control of myself. Sunday, I woke up feeling very horny and could easily have taken matters into my own hands throughout the day. I'm feeling my normal self returning and resolve not to let myself abstain for so long in future. Wednesday I hope to meet a new lady, courtesy of my friend the voyeur. A four day gap will be about right.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Welcome Home Dark Knight

Dark Knight made an entrance. Not exactly fashionably late but late enough to have an audience. Heads turned as I greeted him laughing when I checked out his outlandish outfit. Navy blazer, tie (no shirt) boxers and socks supported by home made suspenders. The night was a Boss & Secretary themed evening. It takes a man with some balls to walk into a club, dressed like he'd been caught bending his PA over the board room table. We hadn't seen each other for a while and there was a fair amount to catch up on, so together with Dee & Trevor whom he'd not met before, we shared a few laughs.

It must have been about 11pm by the time we moved through to the play area. I had removed my tuxedo jacket but remained in my six strap suspender belt, stockings, heels and a string of pearls. Dark Knight devoured me with a passion. Three weeks he had travelled a desert, each day his load gaining weight. I gripped his balls; a tight sack of semen I was more than ready to receive. We kissed hungrily before I allowed him to manoeuvre on top of me and travel south to find the oasis he eagerly needed to quench his thirst from. He lapped at the length of my sex with the flat of his tongue, unaware he was selfishly squashing me underneath with his eagerness to drink. I let him drink, I had plenty to give, but restricted by his weight I couldn't access his equipment to give anything back. I kept grappling and would occasionally manage to reach the tip of his cock with an outstretched tongue. Almost gasping for breath, I gave in to submission; two short taps on his back and I was free to move again. He returned to kiss me, allowing me to taste my own juices from him. I lifted his face away from mine.
'I think you better fuck me before you explode' I instructed

Condom in place I went on all fours, going down on my husband. Dark Knight entered me quickly. Thrust after thrust I knew his orgasm wouldn't take long. I could sense his position was not stable, knees slipping further and further apart on the bed. I'm sure, twice I asked if he was okay and both times he confirmed he was. Then he slipped out but still nudging me as though he was inside. I had to get him back inside.
'You've slipped out' I whispered over my shoulder
I'm not sure why, but he removed the condom and asked for a fresh one. With this duly in place, I was now on my back and comfortably ready to receive all he had to give. Once he was on board, we both confirmed we should have started in this position, stick to what we know and enjoy so much. I verbally welcomed him home and let him concentrate all his efforts on the physical performance. For the first time I took on the role of narrator, encouraging him with my words that his journey across the desert was soon to be ended, that the door to home was open and in sight. I was as desperate as he, for him to put down his bags and boy did he put down his bags. In true Dark Knight style, he dropped his baggage and breathed a huge sigh of relief as he collapsed on top of me.

I did play with one other after my time with Dark Knight, but seriously the event is hardly worth writing about. I wont disgrace the guy, he was pleasant enough, had the nerve to make the first move at the bar, managed to engage me in conversation, so when he came and sat at the foot of the bed where I was playing with husband I didn't mind his attention. He kissed a little too ….. I struggle to find the right word here, too hard for my liking. His oral skills were fine, the fuck was okay. He didn't have a lot to offer downstairs and I'm a great believer that it's not what you've got it's what you do with it but really, he didn't do that much for me. Let's move on quickly.

At some point, later in the evening, whilst husband was down on me, I noticed Dark Knight walking to a play area with Dee and Trevor. It was a real pleasure to hear her moaning and calling out as he tended her needs. I had an inclination they would get on. Eventually I heard Dee say 'Oh wow. That was awesome. Thank you.'
I smiled to myself. Dark Knight does it again.

Our scores for the year to date? Seven apiece; even stevens. Bring it on, I say.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Good Things Come in Three's

It was only back in July of last year that I posted  eight men in eight months and asked if that was a lot of men to have in such a short space of time. Our journey has progressed us thus far that I can now ask if seven new men in eight WEEKS sounds a lot?

The last two Fridays we have visited separate clubs and experienced quite different nights. Last weekend we set out to meet one new blind date and had no further expectations of the evening. We planned to chat to as many couples as possible and try to conquer our fears of approaching people. However Gary, our blind date turned up very early on and we got to know one another over a drink or two in the bar area. About half an hour or so later in walked Matt & Lisa; a couple we had met on our second visit (their first) hit it off with but were too damn scared to ask them to play. They joined us and Gary and it later turned out Gary had been in contact with Matt & Lisa at some stage but they had turned him down because of his muscular physique. Now I have to confess I had the same first impression, but via email he came across polite, had the right attitude for swinger, his verifications spoke highly of his company, so we agreed to meet on the basis there be no pressure to play if we didn't click.

We did click, I am pleased to say and it wasn't long before Gary and I were lying together on a corner bed, kissing and running our hands passionately over one another. After tongue action on clit, he buried his fingers deep inside me and had me gushing like my internal washers were faulty. I felt the spray cover my legs and tummy and at one point caught sight of droplets of fluid that jumped into the beams of ambient light that filled the room. It seemed there was no stopping me. I remember calling out 'fuck me' as I writhed on the bed, wanting him to stop but knowing I didn't really want him to. I had one orgasm after another until I could take no more. My husband sat on the edge of the bed, watching it all and only moved position when Gary finally entered me. He was a terrific kisser and a very attentive lover. Although he had been described as well endowed I was able to take his full length comfortably until the point I felt exhausted. Gary is a man of stamina and beat me hands down for the energy he put into our crazy manic session so I had to stop him before he reached orgasm. He was more than happy to lie with us until I recovered at which point we excused ourselves to re-hydrate.

I didn't get very far as I met Matt & Lisa going in to the play room. It was inevitable we were going to play so after sending husband to the bar for water I followed them to a vacant bed. Lisa looked stunning in her black satin corset fastened with authentic hook and eyes and as she passed her little black bag to Matt I joked with him that it didn't match his outfit. So he duly loosened the 'skirt' and let it drop to the floor. Still holding the bag, hand on hip, posing like a true model he asked 'Is this better?' I looked him up and down and frowned.

'No' I told him, focusing in his nether regions and his still soft penis. 'You need somewhere to hang the bag now' and I pulled him closer to the bed, took his quaggy penis into my mouth and started sucking. I quite like giving oral in this position, me sitting with the man standing in front but Matt appeared to shift his stance so I proposed he lie next to me to be more comfortable. The sex was great. We had laughed earlier like friends that had know each other for years, the conversation being easy and the banter did not stop once we started playing. It was how swinging should be; nothing serious, just damn good fun and interaction between all of us.
After another break and a wander around the club, I noticed Gary again. He was playing with another couple. She lying on her back against her husband's stomach, legs akimbo and Gary deep inside her. Gary hadn't come with me and I suspected his second lover would be the benefactor of his deposit.

On our last trip upstairs had us pass a single guy on the landing. All three of us remarked how quiet it was but I gave him a second glance as we descended the stairs and told husband that the guy was rather nice. Now why after all this time, I didn't just grab him my the hand and pull him into a vacant bedroom I still don’t know, but we made for the main play room again and watched the goings on of other players. Still plenty of single guys lurking about but they were at least occupied with the bed show that was carrying on near to the hot tub. One female seemed to be drawing the attention of the crowds as her legs were being held high and had at least four guys on her.
The guy I had spied on the landing was quite easy to spot in the dim light as he was wearing a silver St Christopher. I was still very keen to play so I took the bull by the horns, walked over and asked directly if he would like to join us.
'Can do' came the slightly feeble response.
I had no idea what to expect from Paul, having exchanged no more than half a dozen words and only discovering him ten minutes previous. I started with oral, my favourite. He did have a very yummy cock, smooth, long and with good girth. He was keen for me to take him deep which he conveyed by applying pressure to my head and thrusting in my mouth. I took everything in my stride until I was ready to be fucked....which didn’t take long. With a voyeur looking on from no more than two foot away, still pulling on whatever hid beneath his towel, Paul pounded away until I shifted position and he fell out. I reached down between our bodies to guide him back in and was aware at how soft he was. Ah, that would be why he fell out I thought so I used my hand to get him hard again, but the condom was partially off. We decided it best to replace the sheath with a new one and once again he was deep inside me, missionary position. He continued to please me, eventually collapsing, withdrawing and confessing to having nothing left to give. The poor guy had come twice with me, having come not twenty minutes before being asked to join us. I had no idea. Honest. Most guys pound harder or become more vocal when their orgasm is imminent, but not Paul. I felt a little guilty for not noticing the first condom that had been removed. This definitely explained his falling out and instant demise.
Before the night ended we spent time upstairs having found Matt & Lisa lolling on a bed made for six. Lisa looked fabulous, resembling an artistic piece by Rubens; her curvaceous form lying across the head of the bed, partially propped up by pillows, her hair tousled from a night filled with passion. Gary found us again and as Lisa had mentioned she was interested I proposed they get better acquainted. I realise now this was quite a forward move on my part; I could have put Gary in an awkward situation however he was soon on the case....and I was soon on Matt......then husband was soon on me. It all went on, the five of us playing together. Gary was behind Lisa on his knees, fucking her hard but the fact he was tweaking in his own nipples indicated he was lapsing a little. So I stepped up to the mark and gave him some attention while he fingered Lisa to keep her warm. At this point I seem to recall she was down on Matt. We all kept moving around each other. Gary made it clear he wanted me again before the night ended but I knew I was spent. Hard again, he slipped back inside Lisa and nearing orgasm he asked her where she wanted it.
'Anywhere' she managed to say, almost breathless. I knew what she was feeling. 
He withdrew and pulled the condom off in one swift move, and wanking himself off, spurted his creamy fluid in several long shots over her back, splattering me a little in the process.

All too soon it was time to leave. Gary didn’t get to have me again but thanked us both saying what a great evening he'd had and that he'd like to return the invite and perhaps entertain at his place next time. We would definitely be hooking up again.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Spa Day

Spa Day
Today I spent five hours at a naturist spa. Not my first visit, I had been here on a balmy August afternoon when we enjoyed lounging around in the sun. Why come back today, one of the coldest days of the winter? Well, I felt I was on a promise although no promise had actually been made, you understand. A couple and I had exchanged a few messages on a website and concluded we were all able to attend on the same day. I said I planned to come here. They said they would be here too. Close enough, thought I. Having said I would attend, I was keen not to let them down as I did not want to tarnish my reputation. After all, they would be looking out for me wouldn't they? I know this is nonsense, but it is what my head was telling me.

I arrived mid afternoon. I spied one couple and half a dozen gentlemen. My quarry had sent me a photograph and indicated that I would recognise the lady by her red dressing gown. Whilst inspecting the 'dungeon', a play area with some fetish equipment, the couple came in to play. 'Are you Elena?' I enquired. 'No,' said she, 'but when I see her I'll tell her you are looking.' 'Don't worry, I'm sure she's around here somewhere' said I. I moved away and wandered  around the spa. No other couples, just guys. Three of them together in a hot tub. I wondered about that.

I took in a swim, chilled out in a lounge area and chatted to a guy in the refreshment room. I saw a couple pass by, she in a pink dressing gown. Could red mean pink? A few moments later they came back fully clothed, ready to leave. 'Is pink what you call red?' I enquired. 'Eh?. 'Are you Elena?' asked I. 'No!' said she. She was blonde by the way.

A short while later I heard gasps coming from the swimming pool enclosure. I ventured in. A couple were in the water, he obviously fingering her, she groaning with pleasure. 'I'll leave you alone if you wish' I offered, when a suitable break in the proceedings permitted. 'No, you can watch if you want to' said the man. I slipped into the pool and at the next breather, ventured, 'I can't tell because you're not in front of a mirror, but are you Elena?' Elena's photo showed her reflection in a mirror. Said the man, 'you are going around asking everyone if they are Elena. She'll be in around five.' 'Elena has dark hair, shorter than mine' said the lady. Right, I thought. Not a blonde. This thought did me no favours. A little later when leaving the changing room, I saw a new couple arriving. She was blonde, not Elena. I blanked her and walked off in the other direction.  I do regret that.

Earlier, exploring, I had discovered a sauna at the back of the changing room. On a whim I decided to take another look and saw towels and gowns hanging outside. Inside were two men and a woman. I enquired if they wanted company and was invited in. The lady, I heard her name was Georgia, commented that my cool hands on her leg felt strangely welcome in the heat. Within a few moments Georgia and her partner decided to go to another cabin for some private time. The other man and I were invited to join them in ten minutes. I waited out my time in the sauna, then sought out the couple to find that the other guy had a less exact sense of time.

They were playing already. I joined and it being a little crowded up top, found myself a spot downstairs. There was some conversation to which I could not contribute, due to my mouth being otherwise occupied. I heard that while Georgia enjoys a clitoral orgasm, they generally take a lot longer to build. I didn't catch what they take longer than, but understood that I would be here for some time. However, I was happy enough. I think some men struggle to understand the female orgasm. We build at an accelerating pace. If we hurry our women, we do so at our cost. I do enjoy women who give you feedback and Georgia was particularly adept. At one point she demonstrated and described how she likes the finger to stroke a circle around her clit. Me, being a good student, copied the technique, then repeated this with my tongue. Being a man, I didn't stay with the script for long, attempting variations on the theme. I recall, holding her clitoris between my lips and teasing the two or three tiny buds that I could discern with the tip of my tongue. Taking my time, knowing that Georgia wanted me to take my time, meant that I was learning a lot about how she tastes and feels, her shapes and textures. As I write I can feel exactly how her inner labia felt to my mouth. 

Two fingers inside her were hooked up behind her pubic bone, searching for her receptive spot. We paused and Georgia helped direct me to the exact place. I thought of Bernie the Bolt and commented that getting back to the exact spot is tricky. Alex, her partner proved to be more a Tiswas fan. He sprays everywhere and demonstrated finger movements. 'You are bound to hit the right spot occasionally,' he observed. Georgia's vagina, clenched on my fingers. A signal to me that her orgasm was approaching. I upped the tempo both within and without, then she duly came.

We paused again and after a brief conversation, found myself drawn once again to Georgia's nether lips, mine teasing her clitoris. For whatever reason my mind drifted off to Elena's profile. Her partner is also called Alex. 'What is your name?' I asked her. 'Georgia' she confirmed. Then the penny dropped. In Elena's profile, they are described as Alex and 'G'. G for Georgia! I looked up and said 'I am libros.' She lifted her head, took my face in both hands and said 'hello libros.' By chance I had found my Elena.

Patience is my virtue and Georgia enjoyed a second orgasm. By now though, I was feeling an increasing need to fuck her and come. Not knowing her intent, I suggested that I put on a condom. Only when Georgia agreed, did I know that the promise would be fulfilled. Intercourse was perhaps too brief. I sensed that I came a little too soon for Georgia's liking, but in my defense, I had been waiting five hours.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Snow Stops Play

Saturday 4th Feb

I watched the snow fall as I called Sally, the lady of the couple we were due to be meeting and agreed that unless the weather worsened, we would still meet as arranged.

I really don't want tonight to get postponed. Mr C was one of the first people we met in a swinger's chat room nearly two years ago. Back then, he was a shy single guy that seemed to be an easy target for ridicule amongst other users of the chat room. We had many conversations, both in there and on MSN. We agreed to be friends on Facebook on the understanding that any reference to swinging was to be banned. There was a time and place for everything. In the beginning, we used to chat every day and we eventually met some four months later at a social event in Birmingham. A mad 48 hours out of which came some very long lasting friendships. Mr C and I have shared many a moment; most light hearted but some quite deep and emotional. He has been a constant admirer of my writing, supported and encouraged me to continue with my dream of one day getting published. I'm sure we have talked about sex on many an occasion but we have never passed more then innuendos between us. He has never asked to play and I have never led him on.

Sally has been around for the same amount of time but with less contact. She was then with a partner. We met her at the same social as Mr C. I spoke to her for all of five minutes. Then she was sporting a rather fabulous Andrew's Sisters uniform that she had made herself (it was a fancy dress evening). We continued chatting on line for some months until late summer when she popped up with a new profile as.......a single woman! Deep breath. The reason we got into swinging in the first instance was so I could explore my bi-side but we had not found the right woman and here was someone we had met, liked, already had a friendship with....what were we waiting for? From the first message to walking in her front door took all of four days. Oh boy, what an evening that was! After an hour's chat she took me by the hand and led me upstairs. We started kissing, undressing, touching, stroking, sharing one another, all three of us enjoying our bodies being entwined. She comes easily and is not shy about it. Over and over again, between us we had her gushing, soaking the bed sheets until eventually she lost control when I was down on her and I ended up with a mouthful of freshly ejaculated fluid. I was so surprised I could only fall back on the bed and laugh. Once I had told them what had happened we were all in hysterics but when composure was restored, Husband was soon fucking her from behind. With all our experience this was the first opportunity I had really had to watch him at his best. There she was, bent over the bed, retro corset still in place getting banged senseless. Husband's face (which she of course, could not see) was an absolute picture, he gripped her tight, held on for dear life, not withdrawing until the job was done. Me? I was happy to lay on the bed, directly in front of her and masturbate. The whole evening was erotic.

So when these two special people hooked up as a couple after another social event we were keen to get together with them. The time felt right. They were unable to join us at New Year but hey we had waited all this time, another few weeks wouldn't make so much difference.

An hour later we were on our way but five minutes into the journey, we had to turn back. We could barely see a hand in front of our face. Damn the snow and all the chaos it brings!

When we do finally get together, the meet will be all the sweeter. I will finally get my hands on Mr C!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Kate as seen by Dark Knight

I entered their house, my mind on the many things I wanted to catch up on with husband. He, somewhat irritated, ushered me towards the conservatory at the far end. My first glimpse of Kate pulls me up short. Husband and anything I was thinking vaporise. I see black shoes and black stockings, nothing else and cannot move another step until my mind has processed what I am seeing. I'm shocked by the unexpected. My senses gathered, I move forward cautiously into the doorway. Kate seated to my right comes into full view. There are no first impressions, I can't take it in. Instead my eyes are drawn towards details. First are her suspenders, two black stripes on each thigh linking her exposed legs from stocking tops, like an arachnid guarding her lair. Then her jacket, a black dinner jacket like no other I have ever seen, creating a deep v from her throat. She is naked beneath and my eyes are drawn to a crease under her right breast, the jacket mocks me by shielding her nipple from view. Her hair has a hint of wildness. If I know Kate, this has either taken a few seconds to shake into shape, or some hours of careful teasing to create the exact tousled look I see now. The jacket is tied at the waist by a single black ribbon. In a neat bow, the loops and tails hang down towards .....
Oh my god! She isn't wearing knickers! Her suspender belt gives the illusion of dress but stops short of her lap revealing a tantalising triangle of bare flesh that disappears between her crossed legs.

Only now can I take in the whole picture. I lean on the door frame. I have to, my legs wouldn't be capable of carrying me upright and had they been able, I would have crossed and ravished her on the spot, husband or no.  All this takes but a few seconds; it feels like several minutes. Gradually order is restored to my brain. I cross to this vision and plant in her a kiss that I hope tells her how I feel.  Seated I am unable to keep my hands from her, restraining myself to a hand on her leg, although I was unable to resist the urge to cup that glorious, nippleless breast.

The rest you know. Kate writes of our bedroom encounter in terms more intimate than I ever could.
Kate is a woman who wants to be fucked. Knowing this allows us to give and receive exactly what we want, need and perhaps crave. She wants her man to come inside her. When I am there, I am thinking in the here and now. My mind is tuned into each touch and every movement. I feel her body absorbing mine. Those few moments are precious, soon they will be a memory and I shall be counting down the days until I return. It is intense, made all the more special by husband who supports and encourages Kate to be the goddess that she is.

Monday, 30 January 2012

The Dark Knight & Me

He was pleased to see me; it was evident from the look on his face. I couldn't tell from my position if the pleasure had found its way yet to beneath the folds of his trousers.

He had no idea I would be waiting for him like that; presenting myself in a seductive manner, robed in black, seamed stockings, heels, six strap suspender and tuxedo jacket, tied loosely at the front with a satin ribbon. In my sitting position, the jacket gaped sufficiently to reveal a glimpse of my breasts and the long string of pearls that hung loosely between them.

It's just after 10.30am on a Friday morning.

He stood, mesmerised for a moment, leaning against the wall, taking me in with his eyes, not quite knowing what to say. Eventually he came over to greet me with a long lingering passionate kiss that is all Dark Knight and no-one else. A kiss that says 'you look amazing/you always dress to please/it's good to see you again.'
He sits beside me, my husband the other, and we engage in conversation. It's all sexual and the topic varies; there is no subject we cannot talk about. It is a terrific bond the three of us share.

He strokes my leg as we talk and I gently squeeze his hand. He cannot resist the temptation to slip his hand inside my jacket and cup my breast, then leans in to kiss my naval. I leaned my head back on the couch and let out a sigh. I could have given myself to him there and then, but it wasn't time.

We had planned a mini photo shoot; a little bit of fun but with good reason. I am kept on the couch for a few shots then moved to a wooden chair. They brought out the wrist and ankle restraints, blindfold, red bondage rope and black tape. It's all experimental and good fun. I am put in a variety of positions, patient while they tie me, bind me and pose me with props.

They leave me for a moment, tied to the chair in the conservatory, to retrieve one or two more props; Dark Knight is the first to return. Again, he leans down to kiss me, open mouthed with tongues. I cannot respond with my hands as they are tied but I am wet and ready to play. I express my need and am immediately released. We head upstairs to the comfort and privacy of the bedroom, warmed by the winter sun.

Dark Knight undresses and lies on the bed beside me, husband at the foot of the bed, armed with the camera. We lock together; he embraces me like an anaconda restricting his prey. I don't mind at all, I enjoy the fervour. His hands all over me, impatiently travelling from one area to another, I am already writhing. Then comes the oral; his tongue delves deep, having parted my lips with his fingers. His touch is a welcome pleasure. He finds the spot, the nerve centre of my vagina, sending shock waves from head to foot, a cold tingling sensation running throughout my body.

I have husband's cock in my mouth and salivating whilst being devoured elsewhere. I am on the edge and need fucking. DK puts the condom in place and I straddle him, taking in the joy that spreads across his face as he slides smoothly inside me; a place he loves to be, a place I enjoy him being. He grips at my hips and bounces me up and down, controlling the thrusting. My knees are rubbing against the bed covers, getting warmer from the friction. He encourages me to lay my legs out behind him so he can sit up with me still on his lap. We manage the manoeuvre without breaking contact and I lean back onto my husband who is standing and now supporting me with his chest. His fingers and thumbs are tweaking at my nipples as DK continues to buck me.

From his sweat and panting breath, I wonder if he needs a break. Taking my hand behind me, and feeling his rigidity, I know my husband is ready to play his part. So I suggest we switch places. DK removes himself and I get on all fours, feet just over the edge of the bed. Husband enters, pulls me back hard on to him, giving his full length in one hit! I can feel every inch of him, even though I have been penetrated already. DK returns and lies underneath me. Condom removed, I go down on him, taking him deep to the base, feeling him grow ever stronger in the warmth of my mouth. With every thrust from behind, I suck harder. I try not to scratch with my teeth or make sudden movements, but its difficult. Husband comes quickly and withdraws but I am still hungry. Fortunately, DK has recovered and is solid again. I grab a foil packet, hand it to DK and re-position myself on to my back, masturbating to keep the momentum going.

Deep inside me, once more we embrace, suctioned together by the dampness of his sweat. The eye contact is intense. He tells me he has no stories for me this time, but goes on to quote years. I have no idea why but I go with the flow, loving his hot breath so close to my ear. I am happy that he is inside me, and I know he will remain there until he comes. I can feel his teeth sink gently into parts of my upper body as passion takes over. I wrap my legs around him, holding him fast. I am not letting go, not for anyone. His face changes, his climax near. Sinking my feet into the mattress and pushing my pelvis upward, I brace myself for the finale and then..........the ultimate release. We finish, as ever, with a long continual kiss, sucking on one anothers lips before he eases the pressure of his body from mine.

I hold his face in my hands 'Thank you' I say.
'Everyone should have a Kate' he says.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Quiet Night in the Club

I have been told that couples find it difficult to meet other couples in swinger clubs. I'm fascinated by this and determined to explore for myself the difficulties they face. Are they real, or self-inflicted?

Saturday I gained a further insight. I went to a club with a companion, Lorraine. We had played once at a house party and this would be our first night out together. She is an experienced swinger, but after a twelve month time out this would be her first club visit. We arrived and were greeted warmly by the hosts and guests who knew Lorraine from past adventures. We were given a comprehensive tour and an uncensored briefing on the work and difficulties to be overcome in order to create a successful club. We were shown the attached hotel facilities and offered use of the hot tub. A privilege not normally afforded to club guests. We declined as the outside temperature was freezing.

Back in the club we grabbed a few drinks and wandered around. It was a very quiet night. Perhaps eight or nine couples? There were a few groups of four, but otherwise people remained in their pairs. We took another look around the play rooms and selected the room we liked best to play. Stripped off and offering Lorraine cunnilingus, I could hear voices in the corridor outside. We had left the door open, an invitation to others should they wish to enter. I looked up just the once to see a man watching us from the doorway, but not wanting to spoil the flow didn't stop to ask Lorraine if she wanted company. We spent an hour or so alone before moving on from oral sex to intercourse. Lorraine is a receptive lover and I could see in her face that she was enjoying me inside her just as much as I was being there. Earlier we had been discussing what an orgasm feels like. She had said that men had not been able to describe it. Nor had I at the time, but after I came I gave her a graphic and detailed description.

Our play over, we headed toward the bar and bumped into a couple that we had talked with earlier in the corridor. Then, they had chosen to go off to play. Now, we invited them to join us for a drink, but once there, they chose to keep themselves to themselves. We settled ourselves with a drink and surveyed the scene. 

We talked about who might welcome a conversation with us. Lorraine pointed out that our friends clearly weren't interested. I suggested two couples talking together at a table. "They may be planning to play and you would be interrupting them." "What about the couple seated at the bar?" I enquired. "Body language," said she. "He is sitting facing away from the room and don't point. People will think we are talking about them." Are the obstacles real, or imagined? I was none the wiser. 

"Well," said I. "At least we have had a good time and I gave you a description of my orgasm." "Yes," said Lorraine "and half the people in the corridor!"

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Friday the 13th

After a fruitless search on the Internet for company, we entered the club alone. Several couples had already taken up their positions either at the bar or on one of the leather couches yet no-one seemed to be very interactive. I scanned the area for obvious singles and found none to my instant liking.

Before too long, we were joined by Tracy & Mark, a couple we had met at the same venue just four weeks before. Whilst on that occasion Tracy was very chatty I found Mark hard to get along with; his body language was giving off negative signals and he was reluctant to join in any conversation that was made. Tonight he was quite different; When he smiled, his eyes lit up and I found myself attracted to him. He was much more attentive and seemed to be up for a good night. 

The bar soon became crowded as more people entered and the temperature rose; I mean quite literally. I was hot beyond belief so I decided to head through to the locker room, leave my classic grey dress behind and parade around in my lingerie; a black bra, my new six strap suspender belt, seamed stockings and heels.
As I walked back into the bar, heads turned and comments were made. 

I stood next to Mark for a moment before he realised I was there. He did a double-take. 'Have you lost your dress?' he asked, laughing
'No,' I replied, quite seriously 'I know exactly where my dress is.' Then I gave him a wink before turning my attention to my husband.
If there was any doubt in his mind that he wanted me, it had been removed with the disposal of my dress.

It wasn't long before other women followed my lead and de-robed too.
In the main play room, Husband and I found a vacant bed and settled down. I got him to lie back while I gave him a long slow blow job. I was very conscious of three or four single guys that were watching; one of them made no secret about the fact he was masturbating underneath his towel. I tried not to let this put me off my stroke and continued with my work. During this time, Tracy had taken centre stage, on the massive play bed that dominated the room. She was being taken from behind by a young, fit black guy and from the grunts and groans that were echoing around the room, she was enjoying every moment of her time with him. I was grateful to her for deflecting the attention away from me for a while. It is the first time I have felt slightly uncomfortable around single guys.

Hubby and I changed positions and he now had me on my back with my feet flat to the bed and knees raised. Busy with his fingers, he watched as an older gentleman came and sat at the foot of the bed. He made comment about Tracy having a good time, then casually started stroking at my foot. With each sweep, his hand rose a little higher up my leg until eventually he touched the bare flesh between my stocking top and suspender belt. It was at this point I asked him politely to stop. I enjoyed what I had received but I didn't want any more. Thank you.

Whilst a few singles kept hovering in the hope of receiving an invite to join us, one single remained seated to our right, unassuming and apparently paying no attention to us or our activities. He asked my husband politely if he could join us and was told no thank you. Without communicating so much to my husband, I had been watching him, admiring his profile, wondering if he could be suitable company for me so on hearing the question I asked hubby to retract his negation.

My guest introduced himself as Richard, a tall, slim guy with dark hair. He lay beside me and started by stroking at my still stocking clad legs. He truly made me catch my breath as he kissed softly from my breast to my naval. Wow. He was eager to please and constantly complimented me on having such a wonderful body. I ran my hand down his side from underneath his arm to the top of his boxers (I didn't ask why he was wearing these, just accepted it). What occurred to me was just how slight this man was. His pelvis bone was prominent, a little like I would expect a catwalk model would want to look. I dismissed the thought and trailed my hand to the front of his boxers. Wowsers. What was he hiding in there? I waited until he had had his fill of tasting my juices before I offered to return the favour. Kneeling up, I helped him out of his black trunks and his erect cock sprang free. Sorry, I correct myself. His HUGE erect cock sprang free. With one hand at the base and mouth (at full stretch I might add) covering the top, there was still flesh exposed to the air. I have no idea how much length there was but it was more than I could handle, that's for sure. I did what I could for a short time before deciding I wanted him to fuck me, which of course he was eager to do.

Once the condom was in place, I straddled Richard and took his length slowly until he was completely submerged. He must have sensed my apprehension as he kept asking if I was okay, which I was...for a while. I can't quite put my finger on it but I wasn't entirely comfortable so we switched positions and went doggy. That worked for a while too, but I was drying out. Hubby lubed me up but within seconds the friction was back again and I was beginning to feel sore. We took time out, I regained my breath, drank some water (it was incredibly hot in the play room too) and applied more lube. This time Richard went on top but again I had to stop proceedings. The dryness was unbearable. I apologised profusely and Richard lay back looking deflated 'What am I to do?' he said, rather too grief-stricken for my liking, gently man-handling himself. Feeling like I owed him something, I took over with my hands but by my own admission I am lousy at giving hand jobs, I much prefer to take matters into my mouth but I knew I was going to struggle again there too. Remembering the words of wisdom 'the woman is in charge at all times' I ended it there. Playtime was over. Without sounding harsh, we thanked him for his time, made our excuses and left.

We retired to the bar where thankfully the air was much cooler, grabbed a sandwich, some light bites and water. When I realised it not yet midnight, we went on the hunt again. Back on the same bed, we eyed up the suitable singles. Oh yes, tall blond guy, would you like to join us?

Enter Gavin. Seconds out round two. He was tall, probably close to six foot and quite broad. I could imagine him being a rugby player or possibly even a rower. Big hands. Strong hands. A good sized cock, that was sure to meet my needs, and comfortably so. He was a damn good kisser too. I enjoyed the way his tongue darted in and out of my mouth, always retracting each time my tongue tried to find his, like it was fitted with some kind of sensor to avoid oncoming traffic. The entire time he was down on me, he gripped at my breast with his firm hand, my hand running up and down his forearm, communicating my pleasure with little squeezes every now and then. It wasn't long before he was inside me and what a great fuck it was. My legs hoisted right up over his broad shoulders and his balls slapping hard against the curves of my arse. He pounded me so hard that I couldn't wait for him to come and come he did. I knew this guy would not let me down. As he climbed off the bed he passed me some wipes and tissues then chatted for a while. Keen to stay in contact with him, I handed him my phone number on a pre-printed card before he left the room.

Although I'd had a great time with Richard and Gavin, I felt something lacking but couldn't put my finger on what it was. Then, I glanced across to see Mark enjoying himself, but not with me!
At that moment another of my green lights of the night appeared and it wasn't long before Andy joined us. He couldn’t have been more different from Gavin; much shorter, bald and quite a few fading tattoos. He was another one of the unassuming singles and that is what attracted me to him. I don’t remember much foreplay but on penetration he did remark how tight I was. After a dozen or so thrusts inside me, he paused confessing that he had only just finished playing with someone else and had come and that he thought he was going to struggle with reaching another orgasm. I sat up and kissed him, reassuring him that to me, his ejaculation wasn't necessary. Wanting to give me something, he encouraged me to lie back, while he pleasured me. Again like Richard, he used his fingers and tongue to stimulate both my g-spot and clitoris simultaneously. I was on a short fuse, my explosion near. I worked my fingers vigorously until the point of no return. I sank my feet deep within the mattress, pushed my pelvis skyward and screamed out as my orgasm and fluid left my now aching body. Andy was somewhat astonished at the result of our work describing it as 'fookin amazin, that is'

After regaining some composure I stumbled across to the middle bed to join some friends for a late night chat and assessment of the evenings events. Husband fucked me, having contained his excitement all night and I gave one male friend a complimentary blow job while I was being fucked and while his wife was getting a good seeing to from the black guy that had been in demand all night.

We left the last of the playing couples behind us and got ourselves re-dressed and headed back to the bar. Before leaving, we decided to hunt down our friends to say good night when Tracy & Mark caught up with us.
I embraced Tracy 'Lovely to see you again,' I said genuinely
Mark had a huge grin on his face. I reached up to hug him. 'See you again some time'
'You can be sure of that!' he declared, squeezing my arse so tight I worried he would leave an indentation on my cheeks.

I walked away knowing that we had both missed a cracking opportunity to get to know each other on a more intimate level, but next time we meet I'm going to nail him!