Monday, 24 October 2011

Happy Anniversary

     Last Saturday was the first anniversary of my losing my swinging virginity and I am going to congratulate myself on having travelled a long way in that time.
     There have been a few meets at home, two house parties, ten club visits, five different club venues and a long weekend away at a naturists/swinging resort in Europe.
     I have fucked 15 guys and played with half a dozen women. Cocks have been pierced, twisted and circumcised. The ladies have been shaven, well trimmed and pierced. Some guys I have played with on more than one occasion, others have been fucked and left but far from forgotten. A couple of them have become close friends that I hope will be around for a long time to come.

      These people are all every day folks and come from all walks of life. I have had three guys in uniform (one, quite literally) four if you count the postman. They range in age across their thirties, forties, fifties and sixties. Yes,  I said sixties. The women have ranged from size 8's to 18's. I have been attracted to them all. I have had threesomes. foursomes and moresomes.

    I have expanded my collection of lingerie, shoes and boots to the point where I need more storage space and have experimented with spanking, sex swings and bondage.

     My marriage is stronger than ever, my sex drive has rocketed through the roof and self-confidence has soared so much that friends keep asking what my secret is (if only they knew!)

So, what's on the agenda for next year? How can we possibly keep the excitement going and make life any better?

     For me personally, I would love to experience sex with a twenty something and if I can add a fireman to my list of uniforms that would be perfect. I definitely want to explore the dungeons more and get a real feel for being chained and restrained in a completely controlled environment. One of my fantasies is to be blindfolded and fucked by a small group of men whom I may never know! I will have to hand the organisation over to my husband and Dark Knight but I trust them both implicitly. I will be investing in more underwear, hopefully some PVC outfits and I just HAVE to get some great bedroom boots!

     There is plenty of fun to be had and enough new avenues to investigate and of course, a whole world of beautiful people we are yet to meet and have fun with. If the next twelve months contains half the excitement of the previous year I shall be more than happy and rest assured, if you continue to follow my blog, you will be reading about it!!!

Until the next time ….... be good ;)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Addicted to porn (by DK)

It has been so busy recently on the swinger front, that I may have stumbled across a cure for my porn addiction. For addicted I am. Rare, the night would pass that I would not logon to uporn, xhamster (my favourite), or any of a dozen available to assuage my need for gratification. I'd happily spend two hours flicking through clips, giving each a few seconds before moving on, until I found the one that would meet my sensibilities for that night. I say 'happily', but I'm not happy. Irritated would be closer, as with each clip I find some flaw to annoy me. Fake 'oohs' and 'aahs' repeated endlessly, a lazy actress, or some outlandish and unlikely scenario. I find myself switching channels much as one would with the tv remote, when you have endless choice, but none that hold your attention. Scanning the endless variety of porn, in time, is just boring. You can have too much of a good thing. So how cured? It dawned on me this week that I haven't so much as thought about watching a porn video, let alone felt the need to. I have a routine when preparing for a meet, party, or whatever. Rule 1. No masturbation for one week before. Rule 2. I'll accept five days if I forget Rule 1. Rule 3. Avoid meets on consecutive days, unless you plan to cheat on the first meet by faking an orgasm. I have, to my shame. Rule 2, is probably the only one that counts. The others are aspirational. And so, with a party, club, or just being on a promise, pretty much every weekend for the last month or so, Rule 1 has cured me of my porn addiction. Of course, I still perv the dozens of erotic images that land in my phone from my Twitter account, but that doesn't count, does it?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Just A Quick Word.........

Thank You
Firstly, a huge thank you to our followers. Dark Knight and I insist that we write for ourselves, but having others along for the ride makes the journey far more exciting. To those we know personally, your loyalty and continued words of encouragment are greatly appreciated and those who only know us in the virtual world we send out even greater thanks. We have no idea how you found us, but truly pleased that you did. We hope you will stay around for some time to come, as life on the swinging scene constantly brings about new experiences and emotions that we just love to share with you all. .

Erotic Flash Fiction
Some of you only follow My Erotic Journey, our reports on real life experiences. We do however, love a good fantasy and from time to time let our imaginations run away with us and come up with some fictional pieces. One such story is The Doctor, written by Dark Knight. I urge you to check it out.

Feedback and Comments
Some feedback and comments have already been received but we would love more! We are not in a position to give out our email details at this point in time but if you post your comment and wish to remain anonymous, we will respect your privacy when we respond.

Have fun! KW xx

Thursday, 6 October 2011

One Year On.....

As the first anniversary of our baptism into swinging fast approaches, I am reflecting once again on a wonderful year of excitement and new discoveries.  Not believing for one minute that I would reach double figures of sexual partners by the end of 2011 but that I am indeed very likely to reach twenty by the time our anniversary actually comes around.

Having had three lovers before I met my husband, I have subsequently taken another thirteen; some more significant than others. This brings my running total to seventeen and with a club visit due Friday, I am hoping to notch up two more (one guy from a couple and one single) leaving the way clear for a very special number twenty.

So, number five was significant, without doubt; my first new man in more than twenty years. We met on several occasions and had a real blast. He was a delight to be with, encouraging, supportive and every part the gentleman I needed him to be. Sadly, he is no longer on the scene and we have not spoken for some months. Number six has become a great friend and we socialise more than we play. He and his wife are terrific company. Number seven was no more than a quickie at a house party (that’ll teach me for lying on the bed with my legs open!) and number eight gave me a good seeing to whilst I was suspended in a sex swing at a club about two weeks later. A week on from that number nine and his gorgeous wife came to visit and that was some night, let me tell you.

Number Ten
I was determined number ten would be very special, and he was. A single gentleman who had known us from the beginning, had proved himself to be utterly respectful in every sense and was now at this point, already a great friend, mentor and confidant. We invited him along to a club, but gave no promises. He totally understood.

To cut a very long story short, in the bar, our group of three soon became five then very quickly a seven as two other couples we knew joined us for drinks. We all interacted extremely well and it was very evident a good night was ahead of us.

In the hot tub, I became the centre of attention as one of our couples made a play for me. My single guy was happy to look on until my husband invited him to join in. I was conscious of his touch from the outset even though I had other hands on me at the time. His hands, easily identifiable by the dark skin tone against my own fair freckled skin.
I remember being supported, horizontally in the water by my husband as Dark Knight made his way between my legs. I couldn’t help but wonder how long he could stay there lapping at my juices with so much water around. He must have taken on nearly half a litre in small gulps, I reckon but it was the sounds that I adored. I’m not sure if anyone else could here them or if I was more aware of them because they were accompanied by a strong suction sensation on my swollen pussy. With so many in the tub, most with their hands on me and a few on lookers, I was out of my comfort zone, so asked to move to one of the beds.
The water party duly broke apart and we adjourned to the comfort of a semi secluded spot.

The five of us (three guys, two ladies) had immense fun, moving from partner to partner, the guys having a choice of four breasts and two pussies, the girls having a choice of three cocks, two breasts and a pussy to play with (who says it’s hard being a woman?).
I distinctly remember lying there, being tended to by someone and looking at my Italian guest as he knelt close by, watching the action and can remember how doubtful I was about touching someone whose skin colour was so very different to mine. (It is only as I write that I now know why this was; a difficult childhood memory has just come to mind. Thankfully I remember this now and not then as the night could have taken a very different turn.) I quickly dismissed my demons and took the bull by the horns as it were and grabbed for his semi erect penis. I pulled him closer and soon he was above me, allowing me to suck on him and manipulate his balls like some kind of stress toy. He became much harder and as soon as my body became clear of others, he leaned over me to form a perfect sixty nine. His cock was now well and truly submerged into my mouth and underneath him I was writhing in pleasure and his flicking tongue stimulated my bud to near orgasm. I needed air so gave the submission sign of three taps to his torso. He read the signal well and instantly moved.
‘Time for a condom’ my husband said, offering DK a foil wrapped square.
‘Oh! Really? Wow!’ Even after all his efforts, he still did not assume he would be handed the Holy Grail.

I lay, arms open to welcome him. Gently inserting himself until his entire length was within me, once again he laid on top, this time our faces in close contact. Two hungry bodies finally locked together, after a year of waiting; his sweaty clammy body thrusting and transferring every ounce of energy into me with each pulse.

His choice of words, whispered feverishly into my ear as he rocked back and forth are now forgotten but the whole scenario was such a huge turn on that the memory will stay with me for eternity.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Long Weekend in Spain

To protect the horny, our travelling companions will be referred to as Salt and Pepper

Never before have I had such an energetic siesta!

The plan was to retreat to our room and take a rest before dinner but as soon as we lay on the bed we started touching, kissing, fondling, sucking and tasting each other. Maybe it was the heat or the nakedness or just knowing we had the freedom to do what we wanted, when we wanted, without question.

We romped freely for a while, moving around the bed and changing positions so we could access each other. My orgasm was quick…..and so very noisy, but I just didn’t care. I would be noisy at home or in a club so why should I be any different here? I demanded penetration. I needed fucking and fucking hard; hard, deep and fast. Our fucking was urged on by noises from across the way. Salt and Pepper were at it too and going for it just as much as we were. There was no competition though. We had plenty of time for each other over the next three days.

Sated, we lie together on top of the ruffled covers. Then there was a gentle knock at the door.
‘Anyone at home?’ a familiar voice asked from the other side. Salt had put on a little girl lost voice, hoping to be let in. ‘I want you’ she went on, changing her tone to be more seductive. My husband didn’t refuse. He opened the door and she tossed herself on the bed by the side of me. I wonder what went through his mind at that moment; two hot, naked women lying on his bed both horny and demanding attention. What is a guy to do? I knew what was coming. He looked at me.
‘You better get your arse over to Pepper’s before he gets all lonely.’
I kissed Salt on the cheek before I left then playfully slapped at my husband’s buttocks before pulling the door to on my way out.

Pepper was waiting for me, propped up by the pillows on his bed, naked and stroking at his already stiff cock.
I crawled up from the bottom of the bed, leaned in to him and gave him a long lingering kiss.
I slipped back down and took his pierced erection into my mouth.
‘I got her all hot, wet and sticky then told her she wasn’t going to get any more from me’ he confessed with a laugh.
I was used to this kind of behaviour from Salt and Pepper. It’s the way they work sometimes and all part of their tease and turn on routine. We are all different.

So Pepper and I got on with our session and were happy to carry on as we were until the door was pushed open by my husband and Salt. So our cosy twosome had now become a frisky foursome. Now Salt is not bi, so I have never made any advances towards her, although she has had a woman kiss her and another go down on her so she is not un-familiar with the female touch. So it came as a surprise to me that whilst I was underneath Pepper taking a bit of a pounding, she tweaked (quite hard I might add) at an available nipple of mine, making me shriek with excitement.
‘I’ll get you for that!’ I warned her. Pepper loved the action and instantly increased his thrusting.
As soon as positioning was right, I took a swipe at Salt’s bare arse, up in the air as Husband was doing her in good old fashioned doggy style. My hand was perfectly placed and once one slap had been received more followed….from all three of us.

I can’t for the life of me recall which of the guys climaxed first but it really doesn’t matter. Good fun was had by all, which is what swinging is all about. That siesta set the standard for the next three days which we spent sun bathing, reading, writing, talking and shagging; be it by the pool, in the pool, on a sun bed or in our rooms.

We had such a fantastic time that we are already planning a visit for next year, but intend to take more friends along with us to add to the mix! Well…..why not?