Monday, 26 September 2011

Friday at VA

My day began at noon after two hours on the road. I arrived at Kate's to find her husband at home unwell. He looked bad, but this was a chance for us to have a good catch up. We talked of cross dressing, bi-men and Kate's first bi experience. The plan had been to write more on our story, The Neighbour, but her husband at home scuppered that, although the anticipation of an evening to come at Vanilla Alternatives may well have contributed. An hour in their hot tub and we all knew that play at VA that night would be dry. Late out of the hot tub, we time shared the bathroom before leaving for the club, her husband sufficiently recovered to join us.

We arrive at the club at nine thirty, it isn't so busy, but people continue to arrive after us. Settled by a table with drinks, we watch people. Kate is wearing a basque, knickers and hold up fish nets, with calf length boots that took her an age to lace, the whole set off by a string of pearls around her neck. She had walked from the car in broad daylight, feeling uncomfortably exposed. At the bar is a woman with her breasts exposed above a bodice and quite honestly, I don't remember what else. Another wears a nice black number, which hugs every curve of her figure.

Kate's husband waylays a passing couple, one that will dominate my thoughts for much of the evening to come. Another couple, desperate for conversation join in, dividing the attention of the first between us. As more couples arrive, I have my eyes on a blond at the bar. I can only see her back, yet I am attracted. Soon food is served in the lounge, we raid the buffet and settle on settees. I get talking to the second couple and introduce them to Kate and her husband, but in seconds I know this is a mistake. She quizzes Kate with forensic skill, while Kate stands up for herself with some cutting response. I make it a score draw and to retrieve the situation, I try to engage the lady and sit on the arm of her chair to chat, but she has her eyes on Kate's husband and chases off after him leaving me to topple on to the floor as she jumps off the chair. Kate comes to my rescue and sits me down with her on my lap. This lady's husband, just across from us, makes a very clear play for Kate, worded in a nice way, but Kate gives a not committal response. All this in a few minutes. I later learn that Kate may have played with the man but for the lady.

Heading off to the hot tub area, we are just watching seated on the edge of a huge bed. Our first couple are in a nook at the far end, she straddling him and riding her partner. They are a fine sight and she has a beautiful body. Kate and her husband really fancy this couple. It was our intention tonight to find a couple for them to play with and here we are watching the most desirable in the club. I encourage Kate to approach, but she goes off to first refresh and compose herself. I try to get her husband to talk to them, but cannot persuade him. It is a big ask and by the time Kate returns, the couple have finished and moved into the hot tub, where there are several other couples and single men chilling. Well, warming, to be more accurate.

I suggest to Kate that she go over, sit by them on the edge of the hot tub and talk to them. Kate does as asked and sits herself down, but they are now canoodling together and it would be improper to interrupt. I get a picture in my head of a new girl in the school playground, sitting near a group hoping to make a friend. At this stage I'm feeling for her. When she returns empty handed I can only congratulate her for a fine effort.

We withdraw to a corner of the giant bed that occupies one side of the room. A large area that later would be occupied by several cavorting groups and would have a communal sex area feel to it. We go to a rear corner, which effectively isolates us from others talking and playing in the hot tub. The expanse of bed between us and the common area is a no persons land and I'm worrying that others will think that we do not want to mix. I understand that not having succeeded in our quest, we are retreating to lick our wounds. Confidence in a club is a fragile commodity, easily bruised and in need of constant reassurance. We set about restoring our pride, but I'm sorry Kate, my mind was more on how we would recover the situation and get back into the swim.

My recollection of the sequence of events is hazy and when you visit a club, you will have the same problem. There is an overload of sights and sensations that become one glorious mash. The alternative, nothing to do and feeling isolated is not to be recommended, but Kate's husband will later get us back on track. Deciding on a break and heading for the lounge, our couple are on a settee with another. All four look to be comfortable together, which to me is rubbing salt in the wound. A short rest and we are back on to our bed, the area beginning to feel like our camp site. Kate's husband spots a man leaving the hot tub, whom he has seen on an earlier visit. He catches the man's eye and beckons him over. 'Would he like to join us?' Imagine, you are a single guy, in the hot tub trying to make conversation. People are friendly, but not biting, as it were. You leave the tub and Kate happens! You usually have to make this stuff up. Derek, I think is his name, joins us, plays, thanks Kate and her husband and goes. Leaving Kate with a happy smile on her face.

My mind is still on our elusive couple. I excuse myself and with this bee in my bonnet go back to the lounge. Our couple are now seated alone, so I sit down and make a pitch. So easy, as this is not for me. I tell them that Kate and her husband are interested and ask if they would like to play. The lady's reaction is immediate and genuine. She isn't ready to play with another man and her reaction is a mixture of shock, excitement and fear, but the approach is flattering and appreciated. No offence and they will say hello later. My feeling of not having made a proper effort evaporates and at last I can join the party.

Kate hasn't waited. I find her hip deep in man. In my brief absence, James, a black guy had been spotted in the shower. A glance across the room and this time it was Kate lifting her finger to beckon him across. Earlier in the day, we had been discussing first times. It was both Kate and her husband's ambition for her to have a black guy and James would prove to be a good choice. He was in fine physical shape and an interesting character that had some tales to tell. James is inside Kate, with Kate on her back, when I comment that James has a good looking bum. There is a running joke that I am a closet Bi. I'm not, I am straight and possibly a bit Bi-ish. I just have a sense for the aesthetic and our black friend had a nice bum.

James and Kate finish their session and ten minutes later after a short natter, they are at it again. This time it is intense. There is a tension in James' body, not observed before. Kate is pulling him into her as far as she can take him and it is something to watch. As his orgasm approaches, Kate asks him, no pleads with him to come. I'm getting hot, as I write this, just thinking about it. I am somewhat jealous of James. How could he perform so well, twice and so soon? How do I compete with that? I console myself by thinking he must have faked it the first time.

After this, the party winds down. The bed has six or seven groups playing or resting. Our couple have been frolicking with their new friends and opinion is divided whether she has played with the other man, or has just been playful. Good to their word, they clamber across to chat and the lady demonstrates her exceptional ability to take a caning on her rump without flinching.

Time is up and we prepare to leave. Kate had had four different men paying her attention. Her husband had seen her skin against a black guy's. I have enjoyed trying to hook them up with another couple. But that James. He's got me worried!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Weekend Away

I am in such a great mood! Having been on a downer for the last ten days and lost my mojo (terrible thing for a Sex Goddess to admit, I know, but it happens) I can feel my spirits lifting, as the September sun shines bright and the adventure of a long weekend away with swinging friends is nearly here.

I had such an amazing night out at a club with my husband and Dark Knight just over a week ago that the following few days have seemed quite flat. I had been spoilt rotten by the pair of them as they were hell bent on making sure I had a good time. (Between them I think they had agreed I should get fucked by four different guys at least, including themselves). First there was Gordon; bald headed, tattooed Gordon whom we had met briefly on a previous visit. On that occasion, Gordon had been in the hot tub and asked, very politely if he could join in the fun; I was engaged with four others at the time. His time with us was brief but pleasant and I certainly remembered him.
So, Gordon joined us for play time on the big bed overlooking the hot tub. He wasn’t very much into kissing and didn’t appear to want to receive much oral from me either. Not wishing to push either issue I let him tend my needs the way he wants until I am ready for him.
‘Would you like to fuck me now?’ I asked
Condom firmly in place, he duly obliges and all is well. He was very attentive but it wasn’t much to write home about. He thanked me and left the bed.

The next recollection I have is the presence of a single male. Perched on the edge of our play area and watching from not too far away, he asks if we would like some company; a polite approach is always considered and as we had spotted him earlier as a potential suitor, my response was quite simply ‘Get him over here.’

By spreading my legs akimbo, I invite him to administer some oral as my top half is being tended too by my husband and DK; each sucking on a nipple. My guest is a delight and takes me to the edge of orgasm. I shift positions in order to give something back. He props himself up against the wall and I kneel down to take his cock into my mouth. It is at this point I realised just how big this guy’s erect cock is! I stretch my mouth to take a small amount and tease him with my tongue for while. I then look up to ask a direct question.
‘Before going any further, I need to ask you something.’
He just stared back in anticipation
‘What’s your name?’
His response came with a laugh ‘James’ he replied, somewhat relieved
‘I’m Kate.’
His cock was totally gorgeous is every way imaginable, even if I couldn’t take all of it into my mouth. He was smooth, long, hard, wide and black; absolutely delicious.
Ready for penetration, I watched James as he stretched a condom over his large penis.
Knowing I needed to be in control of how much I could take inside me, I eased him onto his back and guided him in gradually. I should explain that this is the largest cock I have ever had the pleasure of sitting on. He totally understood and allowed me take the mount at my own speed. Penetration was not as difficult as I had first anticipated but I still did not take his entire length. After a while he asks to change to missionary position and I agree but remind him to take things slowly. My request is met and I’m pretty sure after several gentle pushes that he inserts his whole shaft, I’m guessing eight inches or so and fuck me, it felt good! Each time he slid in and out I could feel every inch of him, the tip of his cock touching something inside me I couldn’t normally feel. He thrust a little harder leading up to his orgasm and eventual withdrawal.

He stayed around and chatted for a while which was a pleasure and my husband informed him that he was my first black guy. He was amazed to say the least. Mid conversation I turned onto all fours and sucked on my husband’s cock, making him longer and harder with each touch. I lost myself for ages down there, sucking and licking, closing my eyes to the immediate surroundings. I was distracted momentarily by the opening of a wrapper. James was right behind me preparing for a second landing! I confirmed with my husband that I was okay with this and I was surprised at how hard I could take his thrusting; his long hard dark cock, going way deeper than I ever could have imagined. So there I was, down on all fours, down on my husband, and being taken from behind! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…one to suck and one to fuck. Perfect.

So, back to this weekend which has been planned since late spring and neither we nor the couple we are travelling with have visited this place before. It is run by an English couple that fled the rat race of running a chain of restaurants in the UK for a better life abroad. They are naturists and also occasional swingers. But just what should one pack for a weekend away at a naturists resort? I sent a txt to my male travelling companion.

Me to him
Not easy packing for a holiday when you know you’re not going to be wearing very much!
Him to me
Just shoes!
Me to him
….And condoms (I resist the temptation to say I will pack my heels if you pack yours)
Him to me
I’m not wearing one of those all day; it will give me a white bit

I left it there, but I have been considering how many condoms to take. I mean, if we head out for a club we take at least eight; it’s always better to have too many than not enough, but we are away for four days…..and there will be two other couples there, and of course let’s not forget the couple that run the place. They swing too and may very well join in the fun! Then there is Viagra to consider too. Let's face it, we're going to need it. What happens when we get there is a story yet to be written but you will hear about it, I can guarantee that much.

Even though it is a naturist’s break I have still packed a bag of essentials….including my camera. I want to take advantage of the surroundings, get plenty of ‘holiday snaps’ and update our swingers profile on our return (it needs a major re-vamp) so I have packed one pair of black heels, two dresses, one body stocking, plenty of sexy undies and stockings.
Other items include; notebook and pen, hot reading material, vibrator, lubrication, and of course, condoms.

I just hope and pray I don’t get searched on the way through to departures!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sex with Kate

I wake as Kate creeps across the mattress towards me. It is the best wake up call in my memory. She climbs under the duvet; joins me in an embrace and a long lingering kiss. Kate's husband has gone out to run errands. He knows Kate will lie with me. He  gave us his permission the night just past.

The long kiss becomes a second. I stroke Kate over a silk strapless camisole. She has dressed formally for this. Something noted and appreciated, but typical of a man, not stated. We settle in to a third kiss. On my mind the thought that my condoms are far out of reach. I mention this to Kate, but she has come prepared.

I want to recall the details, before my memory fades. There is no urgency. We have time. We lay together side by side, one arm trapped under each other's heads. Her other on my back and mine in the small of hers. I remember her feet clasped either side of one of mine. Stroking Kate's tongue with the tip of mine, we played gently together. Drawing my hand up her back, I like to stroke up to the neck and hold the back of her head. To cradle it while we kiss. Kate's attire has a cord that restricts my hand, preventing me moving higher. This cord runs all around her above her breasts at the front. It acts to hold the whole ensemble on her body. But it does permit me to lift it from the front affording me a view of her nipples.

That would come later. For now we wanted to feel each other's presence. I was effectively clothed, in pyjamas. Kate helped me pull my top over my head and she tested the resistance of my nipples to her teeth.  Already the sequence of events in my mind run into a mash of sensations and recollections. Neither of us were in a hurry to move on to more intimate matters, but I remember kneeling so that she could tug my bottoms down and gain proper access to my penis.

At some point Kate asked me to lie down. We formed a sixty nine. In the bright daylight of a sun room, I had for the first time my clearest view of her delightful pussy, lips and clitoris. This was an opportunity to embed in my mind exactly how she looks. I intended to take my time and keep my eyes open. The exact shape of Kate's clitoris is imprinted in my head and on my tongue. As I write these words, I recall her small bud partially hooded forming an upside down v. In my mouth as I write this, my saliva tastes of her.

I want to recall what we were doing; how we were enjoying each other's bodies and minds. Sex with Kate is mental. I like to describe what I am doing. Perhaps what it represents to me. My words are spontaneous. I don't do this with anyone. The relationship has to be meaningful. Kate is special and she responds to my mental gymnastics.

I've just remembered, when she had my cock in her mouth, how gentle was her touch. I almost believed my cock was in her vagina. We may well have both been satisfied with, caressing, licking and kissing. Especially our kissing, but penetration was the ultimate goal for sex between us.

Properly dressed, I entered her. We have found a preference for the missionary position. At least for now. We have developed a nice easy rhythm. Kate likes to feel me sliding in and I try to withdraw as far as possible to give her a lengthy inward stroke. This is when I begin my mental exercise. It comes from my passion and can only be ignite by the right partner.  We lose ourselves in these precious few moments. We lose our minds and all inhibitions. I feel as though my innards are laid bare. When finished, my breath is exhausted. I have nothing left and lay on Kate, sated, satisfied and if I had the breath, euphoric. I know that I have reached her. She is taking my weight and holding on to me tight until we recover enough to turn our heads to look at each other. "My god", says Kate. "It just gets better"

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Morning After the Night Before......(continued)

My company in bed was well received and very much appreciated. Slipping into someone else’s warm sheets felt quite wicked. I was greeted with a smile and some very tender kisses. Locked together in a fond embrace we kissed longingly and with renewed desire, continuing where we left of the night before. DK tried to bring a halt to proceedings.
‘I’ve put all my things away. We can’t start yet.’
‘I’ve come prepared’ I confessed giving him a knowing smile
Game on!

DK’s soft warm hands wandered over my silk night gown. I couldn’t help but trap his leg between mine and rub up and down for while. I was so turned on. I love morning sex. As we held each other close, I could still smell traces of last night’s cologne mixed with a feint detection of body odour given off during the few hours’ sleep he had managed to grab.

As we rolled, romped, kissed, touched and tasted one another our bodies heated up and as perspiration built up, we started to slide against each other. It felt totally wonderful. He was down on me for ages, constantly communicating with me, responding to my moans of pleasure.

He has such a glorious touch and when he was inside me it was like he was finally home; home from a long trip abroad. One thing DK does that other guys do not is talk to me from the moment he enters until the moment he leaves me. He is a very literate man and his choice of words he whispers directly into my ear whilst he thrusts are extremely sensual. I do not always hear everything he says for I am concentrating on holding him securely and on how my body is reacting to his swelling and continuous movement within, I might just catch the odd word here and there but somehow that makes it even more erotic. On each occasion his chosen words have been on a different theme but all amount to the same thing. How happy he is to be with me, close to me and deep inside me. I just adore the way he holds me with such passion, pressing our bodies ever closer with each thrust until the ultimate orgasm is reached and even then, he continues to rock back and forth, sliding in and out until his breathing has returned to a much regular heartbeat and our bodies subside onto a plateau of post coital pleasure.

A truly wonderful way to start the day!

The Morning After the Night Before......

I am waiting for DK to wake. He stayed over last night. We had such a good time; the three of us. I haven't had much sleep, about five hours. I wouldn’t be awake so early but my husband has had to pick the kids up from the grandparents to take them to a party. I’ve showered, washed my hair and re-dressed into something ‘comfortable’ as I’m hoping to have some fun with DK before everyone gets back. Would it be impolite to wake him, do you think or would it be quite erotic; just slipping into bed beside him, waking him gently with a kiss? Oh wow, I’m trembling at the thought. I’m going to make a very brave move and I will let you know how it goes…then next week I can update you on the events of last night. Boy, did I get thoroughly spoilt!
Be Good x

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Mr & Mrs

It was a late night for us last night. Having one child away for the night and the eldest having two of her friends for a sleepover, we kept out of the way and stayed chatting in the kitchen, putting the world to rights over a take away and a bottle of wine.
We always talk, probably sometimes too much about certain stuff but the conversation last night was quite different. I am not sure how it started but I am pleased it did.

We spoke of our childhood and the things that had happened and affected us. None of the topics were new, so there were no surprises but we just hadn’t covered the ground in such detail before. My father in law does not know who is dad is and is never likely to find out now that his mother has passed away. How could she confess to him (when he was in his forties) that who he thought was his dad was not his dad yet she wasn’t prepared to divulge any further information?  We also had an open discussion about the ‘unhealthy’ interest an older male cousin had for me when I was much younger. It was interesting speaking to another of my female cousins recently that she found him creepy too. Until recently she had no idea what had gone on between us. Although there was no penetration he did use to touch me inappropriately so it is still abuse. I don’t see him as a threat anymore really, I know he was wrong and he knows I remember; I can see the truth in his eyes.

I may as well mention at this stage that I was also the victim of indecent exposure at the age of ten. Something I was taunted about at school the following day as word got around. The person in question came back into my life again as the brother of a colleague we used to socialise with. In case you are wondering, yes I did want to ask him if he remembered what he had done but I soon figured out I was not the only victim so I doubted it, very much.

Why am I sharing all this with you? Partly to counsel myself and know that I did nothing wrong; these events have made me who I am today and I like who I see in the mirror.
It also gives you an idea of why my husband & I believe in family values. Our unit of four is so close and strong that nothing could tear us apart. Our family time is extremely important to us but so is our alone time. We will always be there for our kids, no matter what, but striking the right balance between the two lifestyles can be tricky at times.