Monday, 15 August 2011


One of the conversations three of us had last week was where we all stood on sexual relations with people of the same gender. Now for me, I have already come a long way. I had been bi-curious for some time, way before we started swinging, wondering what it would be like to be physically close to another female; I certainly enjoyed watching girl on girl porn so therefore I was curious. My first experience was with a lady who was well experienced with both men and women. She knew I was inexperienced and made her moves slowly and gently. Having her head between my legs was a vision, even for me. I remember my head resting on my husband’s lap and her husband was happy to watch for a while until she begged him to take her from behind. She clearly enjoyed giving and was completely selfless in her actions, expecting nothing in return. I was in heaven.

From that moment on, I was happy to kiss a woman in the same way I kiss guys and happy to fondle breasts and suck on nipples. I had never realised until this point just how soft our bodies are; guys feel different but all the women I have played with have felt soft, regardless of age.

So what about giving oral? I took me a while I have to confess but when I eventually got there I was surprised to learn it was just as pleasant (although different) giving oral to a woman as it was a man. The best comment I received was the first time I went down on a playmate. Hearing her say ‘the best thing about being with another woman is that she knows exactly what to aim for’ ensured me I was doing okay. Sorry guys, her words not mine!

When we play with other couples, the girl on girl thing is by no means essential; if it happens great, if not it really doesn’t matter. The lovely thing is my husband and I could be walking around town, spy a nice lady, nudge me and say ‘I’d like a bit of that’ and I can respond by saying ‘so would I.’

So the real interesting question we debated was what about the guy thing? Last week’s playmate did admit to giving and receiving oral from another male. The situation was a threesome (two guys/one lady) and the lady wanted to see the guys perform oral. They obliged but as I understand it, this was to please her rather than a need to fulfil their own sexual desires. I doubt either of them would have gone through with it had they felt completely uncomfortable with the request. One rule that remains in this game is that no means no and no-one should be made to feel guilty for saying so.

For most guys this is the limit, being orally-bi (or bi-oral, I can never remember which way around it is). As my playmate put it so delicately ‘I’m not sure how I would feel about having anything put up my arse.’

I figure if it’s okay for the girls to get it on then why shouldn’t the guys give it a go if they want to? The way I see it, if you had your eyes closed would you really know the difference between a man and woman’s tongue and mouth? I very much doubt it.

I will leave you with this thought: being bi-sexual will double your chances of a date on a Saturday night!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Friday Frolics

I eventually sat down last night to contemplate this week's blog and as I neared the end of the draft version I figured it was far too good to share as a blog and that most of it's content would end up in one or more of my stories. So much has happened over the long weekend, conversations, people, activities etc that my mind has has become a washing machine of thoughts, sometimes slowly tumbling and draining away the dirt but mostly on fast spin, rotating so dam quickly I can barely keep up.

In summary, Thursday was a quiet dinner date for four that ended up with just two of us playing. Very pleasant.

Friday was amazing and certainly the most exciting day out of the weekend. Even though our chosen venue was quieter than we anticipated the three of us still made a great day of it (we had invited a very close friend and play mate along to join us). We chatted, laughed and had some serious conversations regarding the swinging lifestyle, do's and donts, highs and lows, limits and boundaries. It raised some very important and thought provoking questions which hopefully I will debate in future blogs.
The fun we had was immense and intense. I quickly became the centre of attention as what should have been a foursome (three guys and me) almost turned into an unwanted gang bang.
Only two singles were invited to join us but the signals were quickly picked up on and the sheep soon followed the shepherd to the play area. Being overwhelmed by the flock, I had to be assertive and ask uninvited guests to back away. They were most welcome to watch but by no means could they touch. I was at the mercy of two very tasty and energetic Italians who were both very keen and eager to please. I was more than happy to return the favour. On finishing, I almost felt the crowd wanted to applaud us before they dispersed back to their sun loungers. Thank goodness they never asked for an encore.

After a well deserved break, we decided some research should be done, so we headed for the dungeons; a stone built building with several rooms off to each side and a variety of sex equipment and apparatus contained within. I was restrained, shackled, chained and manacled to chairs and tables and lets not forget being put in a circular cage that was electronically hoisted more than a foot off the floor to be put on display for all to see. It was a light hearted experiment that I needed to experience, because its only if you have done these things can you truly understand the emotions someone feels when put in such a position, thus putting a much better perspective on my writing. Without doubt, the experience pushed my boundaries a little, but you have to step outside your comfort zone every now and then to make sure you're not missing out on something and do you know something......? I might just be.
Until the next good ;-)

Monday, 1 August 2011

A brief reflection

AS news came in last night that tonight's meet had been called off, I breathed a sigh of relief. I am disappointed but not surprised to have received a text from this particular couple but it does mean that at least I can take my foot off the accelerator a little today, and take a break from washing, shopping and other necessary household chores to update my blog.
So whilst I can still look forward to three amazing dates at the end of this week, I have been reflecting on how much our lives have changed in the last 12 months.

A year ago this past weekend, we went along to an organised social; two days of drinking, chatting, laughing and socialising with people we had been corresponding with for a good few months in swinger chat rooms. We were all from one website and I guess about forty of us turned up at some point across the weekend. Some stayed over for two nights, others just the one and some just came for a drink, said hello and left. Was it a great weekend? Yes, bloody awesome! Did we play? No. No-one did. It was just a social. We made some (hopefully) life-long friends of varying different ages who came from all walks of life but with one thing in common....we all love swinging! But of course, at this stage we (husband & I) had no idea just how much we were going to enjoy ourselves on this great adventure.
How has it made a difference? Well for one thing it has brought us closer together as a couple and made us stronger as individuals. I have far more confidence now than I have ever had. If I see something I want, I go after it! No longer do I dislike the reflection I see in the mirror. I am proud of my body (including the stretchmarks) and yes I do work at keeping fit but I'm not obsessed with being a size zero. I am a healthy curvy size 12 but it's not all about what's on the outside. Of course, there has to be a physical attraction to anyone you want to play with but it's more about the chemistry and how you interact with one another. Believe me, I've met a few people who on looks alone go way beyond the 10 out of 10 but as for personalities......they rarely have one. They can be so far up their own arses it's unreal. So the other important thing we have learned is not to judge a book by it's cover (it's a classic phrase I know, but so many of us do it).
So the social was a huge learning curve for us. People we had chatted to virtually for several months that came across as confident were in fact too cocky for their own good and those we had brushed off as being shy and not interested proved to be the interesting characters. They are the ones we are in regular contact with and consider our friends.
Okay, my lunch break is over and it's time for me to revert back to being a housewife for the rest of the afternoon but my mind will not switch off from all things naughty. Oh no!
In my head, I must continue the saga of Sam and just how she is going to turn the tables on David, her husband who is spending far too much time with the new neighbours. But more on that another time. Until good ;-)