Friday, 22 July 2011

Going Away

Just to let you know I will be off line for a week or so. However, during my break not only will I be carrying out some practical research but also writing up some scenarios that include seduction, girl on girl action and an affair. In other words, plenty to be getting on with! I have posted another story for you to read which I hope you will enjoy. Please feel free to leave your comments as your feedback will encourage/improve my writing.

Just a thought, do you prefer to read fact or fiction?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Post Party Analysis

Okay so it wasn’t the sex fest/orgy I had hoped for but it wasn’t a disaster either.
The party took a long time to get going and I use that term in the loosest sense. Guests seemed far more interested in socialising rather than playing which meant we had to work harder to have some fun. We did get chatting to two other couples and after a while invited all four of them upstairs to join us. Only one couple followed. Neither seemed keen to get involved so we played with our own partners for a few minutes to warm things up a little. I knew from conversation that she was bi-sexual so I made the first move and removed her breast from her tight fitting corset that hugged her size 10 frame. Her partner had his fingers deep inside her and she was arching her back in pleasure. I looked at her and she leaned up to kiss me. Her teeth caught my lips on a couple of occasions and not wanting to offend her I moved away slightly to focus on sucking her tits. As soon as I gave her room she eased me over on to my back and that’s when I felt uncomfortable. Her eyes had the devil in her. If she had turned into a vampire I wouldn’t have been surprised. All I could think about was The Lost Boys. She bit my nipple a little too hard, and bit my neck. I had to ask her to stop (I was concerned about lasting marks) and she did apologise. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy passionate sex and with your own partner you know how far you can take things but when you are with a stranger, it’s only polite to take things at a slower and much gentler pace.

Thankfully they were only interested in foreplay and not penetration but I got the impression it was all about her and what she wanted.  Whether that be to give or receive I could imagine her stamping her feet if she didn’t get her own way.

Moving on, we entered a different bedroom, a room with two single beds. A larger lady was lying on one bed receiving oral from a dark haired guy whilst her partner was giving a good slapping to a blonde on the other bed. The larger lady took my husband’s stiff cock into her mouth while I sucked on her breast. She managed to get her fingers inside me. All four of us were being pleasured in one way or another; a perfect combination. Somewhere in the mix, we all moved around and I found a rather impressive uncut cock to suck until the lady that had received the slapping came over and insisted I wank this guy off in her mouth. During this time I was on the receiving end of a very delightful tongue and being brought closer to the edge with every lick. As I rarely orgasm this way, I decided to save the guy from getting cramp in his tongue and put my fingers to good work, consequently bringing down the house with a loud scream seconds later (I did say I was hungry for it!)

So all in all, a good night but a very different experience to the last house party we attended ….  but I’ll save that story for another time.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pre-party Plan

Well, to run over this morning’s conversation over breakfast, my dearly beloved wants me to be loud this evening…..and greedy.
We have discussed the possibility of me having sex with four men at tonight’s house party; this will include my hubby and the aforementioned steam train and leave room for two new acquaintances. Just the thought of such a scenario is bringing me out in a hot sweat and has my heart pounding.
I have been left sexually frustrated this week after being ‘out of commission’ for a few days while Mother Nature stepped in and particularly so after Wednesday night’s mid week frolic. Regular playmates called on us to sample the new hot tub and I couldn’t resist the temptation to whip off his hideous beach shorts once I had stirred his pierced beast from within.  He hardened quickly as I removed my bikini top and soon I had him sitting on the side of the tub in order that I could administer some oral sex. I was desperate to impale myself on him but I hasten to add, just because penetration didn’t take place this did not stop me riding his leg and rubbing certain sensitive parts of my genitals on his knee until I reached an almighty orgasm!

So, in the words of Duran Duran ‘I’m on the hunt I’m after you…...and I’m hungry like the wolf’

Game on!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Almost time to party!

It’s only Wednesday yet I am already looking forward to the weekend. I have spent so much time this week working in the garden, wearing paint stained jeans, faded vest tops and dated trainers that I can’t wait to glam up in my heels and stockings on Saturday night.

We have been invited to a house party to join a select group of the swinging community for an evening of socialising and play. The house is fabulous, designed by the owner who happens to be a qualified architect. He and his wife open their house every six weeks or so and invite about ten or twelve couples to their little soirees.

The best thing about house parties is that you never quite know who’s going to be there, although on the occasion we will actually know two couples that are on the list. M will be there with his gorgeous wife (he goes like a steam train, let me tell you!) and the second couple are relatively new to the scene. We met them at a club recently we hit it off immediately but circumstances didn’t allow us to play at the club so we are very much looking forward to hooking up with them and getting to know them better!

It seems ages since we’ve had any extra-curricular play time so I anticipate a great night.
I will let you know how it goes…….. xx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Something to look forward to

Over the coming weeks, I will endeavour to expand a little on the men I have had sex with, along with some of the emotions that are involved in playing such a grown up game. Swinging is not for everyone; there are many highs and lows and there are of course risks involved too.

This particular post is more a reference note to myself, points worthy of discussion.
The couples
The single guys
Playing at home
Being bi-curious (a wonderful journey to be on)
How blogging will help - writing about my experiences
Being truthful to yourself (and your partner) whilst having to lie to others (family etc)
Trying to explain to colleagues why you're so dam happy when you go into work on a Monday morning!
Feeling guilty
Writing erotic flash fiction
Collaborating with another author (and swinger) on a book

Eight men in eight months......

Is that too many, I wonder? It's certainly more than I thought it would be.

Up until October last year (2010) I'd had sex with just four men, my husband of more than twenty years being number four.

On reflection, number one I definitely want to forget about. We started dating when I was fourteen, and at just fifteen, I felt pressured into sex and although he was just a year older than I, he had experience. We were in a long term relationship and I thought I was in love.* We dated for three and half years.
We split in the February and a couple of months on, along came number two. He was much older than me, by ten years I think (I was eighteen at this point). I took his cherry. I should have read the signs the relationship was destined for demise, he being 28 having had no sexual relationships and still living at home with his parents. After our two year fling, he went on to marry the next woman that showed interest, became a house husband and later divorced.
Number three hardly counts. In the twelve months we were together we had penetrative sex just twice - it just wasn't that kind of relationship. He was a good friend that helped me get back into the real world after moving away from number two. Number three also encouraged me to get together with my now husband.
I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen each of these guys since breaking up with them.
For the record, I would be happy to exchange pleasantries with two and three, number one however....well, let's not go there. Perhaps I will cover that another time.
You will hear more about number four as we go along although I will just say this. The first time we had sex was in his bedroom, we had the house to ourselves. We were at it like rabbits, seizing every possible opportunity to be as close to one another as possible. A few months in, I went on the pill. The first time we made love without a condom was amazing even though I was so scared. Before I could gather my thoughts, he asked me to sit up. He went down on one knee and proposed. The rest, as they say, is history.

So, this brings you, the reader, up to date. You are aware of numbers one to four, so why another eight?
We reached a stage in our married life where sex between us was good but not good enough. We wanted more; another dimension, another person, other people.
How on earth do you go about addressing this issue? Start calling your friends? Absolutely not. They would be offended, think us mad and immediately cross us off their Christmas list and not wish to be associated with us anymore. Dating Agency? I don't think so. We're not looking for long term commitment or love, we have that at home with each other. A prostitute? Far too risky on many levels, not even worth discussion.
What about swinging? A community of ordinary people having no strings attached sex with other consenting adults. Yes, this was a great option and the one we chose to pursue.

* I know...I question this myself at times. I could have been out having proper teenage fun rather than tying myself to one guy for over three years at such a young age