Saturday, 25 June 2011

Friday 24th June

Last night was a great success. We headed off to a club about 30 minutes away but had not arranged to meet anyone there. I have been brave and worn just my underwear; a cobalt blue basque, zipped at the front, edged in black lace with a tiny little ruffle of a skirt at the base...just enough to hide my bum cheeks.
Black lacy hold ups and suede heels complete the outfit. We started chatting to couple immediately, about our age I guess. He was about 5' 9 and looked smart in his pale shirt and black trousers, she looked stunning with her long black hair and open fronted black dress which exposed enough of her breasts to tempt anyone to look further!
It was a quiet night, only about 20 couples and a few single guys. After a few drinks we undressed and sank into the depths of the hot tub. It didn't take long for the conversation to turn to kisses and wandering hands. That's what I like about the hot tub; under all those bubbles you never quite know who's hands and where and who is doing what! All part of the thrill of consenting adults looking to have sex with other like minded people.
The single guys are respectful. They touch when the want to but if you say a polite 'no thank you' they back away. The lady is interested in me. I don't refuse her advances. In fact, I welcome them. Her kisses are soft and tender. Hands are everywhere and after a while we decide to retreat and find a room for some privacy.......