Friday, 30 June 2017

Midnight Musings

I'm ready to admit I've had a trying few months but the past eight weeks have been somewhat draining in more ways than one and the past few hours have been a tad emotional. Without going into all the details, the peace and calm I've experienced throughout the night has brought about a clarity I need to document for my own future reference.

Positivity, agendas and timetables will now be the focus of my days. The need for stability, routine and a simpler life are called for. There will be time for others and time for me. In the real world. Less scrolling, more screening. Weeding the garden of life. More long term planning, more spontaneity. Goal setting without being too harsh on myself.
More reading, more films, more theatre and music. 
New adventures, new experiences - both wild and simple. 
Alone and with others.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Back on Track?

Her orgasm was reached in no time at all. For the past four months ill health had suppressed the need for anything other than the occasional quick fuck, but today brought all that to a halt.

The move was completely spontaneous. Following a morning of dirty, dusty work a shower was needed, but even as the hot water cascaded over her naked form, not one sexual thought had entered her head. It was only as she dried herself off and smoothed her curves with baby powder that she decided to take advantage of a quiet moment in an empty house.

She spread a towel on the bed, reached for a small bottle of lubricant and applied the tiniest of drops to her finger. As she parted her legs, she realised the artificial fluid hadn't really been necessary. With small circular motions to her clitoris her excitement soon rose. Despite wanting the delightful sensation to last, her orgasm was quick to rise. She arched her back and went with the flow. What will be, will be she thought as her body rose and slowly subsided.

She lay there naked, listening to the rain and the traffic before getting herself dressed but later, as she sat in her study updating her blog, she could still feel a tiny tingle between her legs.

I will have to find myself a date soon she thought just to make sure I'm really back on track.

K x

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


     Two days with Lucy, two exquisite days that left me tired, emotional but very, very happy. We'd never met until this weekend, but Lucy was a beauty to behold, a beauty that rendered me breathless on more than one ocassion. She was a sight for sore eyes, a breath of fresh air, elegant and sophisticated, warm and welcoming. She offered a blissful tranquility that restored peace and joy within, bringing my soul quietly back to life.

     The days were long, the nights longer; sleep was broken with restless wonderment.

     With departure imminent, I cast her one last look as I boarded the train. A tear edged my cheek as I blew her a kiss goodbye but delivered the gesture with the solemn promise that I would, one day, return to her again.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Beneath the Sheets

Birth Announcement

Beneath the Sheets
safely delivered to 
Kate Warren
Monday 14th November 2016
weighing approx 142g

a labour of love

To suggest I am immensely proud right now, is an understatement.

I've been nurturing this baby for the past few months, adding content, reading, editing, formatting and re-visiting most days to ensure I was happy with the final first draft before hittng the upload, print and order button. Once I'd done that, I instantly felt a sense of loss. Not having anything to work on after such focus left me somewhat bereft, but just over a week later, the stork safely delivered a healthy and glossy looking baby. Perhaps a little on the light sight, but that's what this first draft was all about. To be able to pick it up, feel it, touch it, read it - use the senses I was born with to understand what I can possibly do to improve the quality and content. 

As it is, Beneath the Sheets contains 73 pages filled with poetry, prose and fiction along with a collection of images* and blog extracts, most of which hasn't seen the light of day, offering fresh words and photographs which will hopefully stir the senses and lead your imagination down a path of what ifs.

For sure, it does need more content and a hard back copy would be lovely, possibly with a dust cover for added sex appeal but I know this will increase the cost so I need to consider what readers are willing to pay for such a book. One aspect I am fixed on is that this should only be available in physical format and not as download.  I'm a very tactile person. This is how I prefer to read books and this is how I would want you to enjoy mine.

Until the next time,

K x 

* Copyright on all image belongs to Kate Warren.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Space Invader

Something has been bothering me for the past few days and I feel the need to get the matter off my chest and out in the open.

I visited a club recently, and whilst sitting in the lounge area, chatting with a group of friends, a new couple came over and introduced themselves to us. Nothing wrong there. We are always open to meeting new people. Conversation revealed they were fuck buddies, lovers, whatever - both married just not to each other. No-one batted an eyelid. He - we will call him Red - sat adjacent to me but on another couch. Despite other people being around, he focussed on me, asking about the popularity of the club and the ratio of guys to couples etc. He complimented my outfit and asked questions about my sexual preferences, stressing his female companion was bi-curious. 
'Are you bi-sexual?' he asked
'I don't play that way' I said

'Sorry, I've forgotten your name already'
'Kate' I remind him.
My husband sits forward and introduced himself again
'Oh I don't need to know your name, I'm only interested in Kate' he said and turned his attention back to me.
His words took me by surprise. Disregarding my husband like that had automatically ruled out any chance of him playing with me.

I continued to chat within the group, but focussed my attention on a guy called Tony, who had been speaking with my husband.
'So Kate, I've just been hearing about your work. Tell me more.'
Perfect. Here was a lovely, young guy that understood the rules of engagement; polite, respectful and attentive. He took time to get to know both me and my husband, and after a short conversation, admitted he would like to play. 'But there's no pressure' he quickly added. 'It's been a delight to meet you both.' However, once I confirmed my interest he thanked us and asked a few questions about what I enjoyed and how I wanted to play.  He was very unassuming throughout and ensured my pleasure, comfort and safety was his number one priority whilst we were together.

Some time later, we returned to the lounge for a break and Tony gave us the space we needed. I was back on the leather couch, propped in the corner to support my still ailing back and in conversation with friends who sat opposite. 

All of a sudden, I'm approached from behind by Red, who leaned down and kissed me, open mouthed. His advance caught me off guard, I was shocked, stunned and temporarily immobilised. All I could think to do was close my eyes and keep my lips sealed, but somehow, (maybe I tried to draw breath I don't know), his probing tongue found mine. All I could taste was red wine. As he broke away he left me with the words 'I want to fuck you'. I cringed even more than before. How fucking arrogant and assuming could one person be? He had no right to invade my space like that. No man has the right to invade anyone's space without being asked or invited.

Other than wiping my mouth, what happened thereafter is a haze. I can't remember where my huband was or what anyone else said to me in the few minutres that followed.

Not wanting to make a scene, I sat quiet, gathered my thoughts and for the next hour or so, together with my husband, enjoyed the facilities the club had to offer. Unfortunately our paths crossed with Red and his partner again. Once again, he made a move towards me. This time my reactions were quicker.
'Can I have some space please' I boldly said, loud enough for other players to hear, and just in case he hadn't heard my words above the music, I held the flat of my hand out directly in front of him to ensure he got the message and stepped no closer.

He walked away, tail between his legs. His girlfriend, for whatever reason, decided to kiss my husband. What the ... ? For goodness sake, why do people have to play such games? Clearly, the pair were on some kind of mission and sadly, fuelled by alcohol for Dutch courage, had thought it acceptable to behave the way they did.

One of the dislikes I have about the scene is that people often mistake the willingness to engage in conversation as we want you to jump into bed with us or please fuck my wife.  It isn't. It never has been and never will be. Nothing should be assumed.

Respect peoples boundaries, respect their space. No means no. At all times.

Until next time,

K x 

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Judging a Book by its Cover

We all do it, don't we? I mean, we're human beings after all, so its a natural trait, right?

I recently received a message on my swingers profile, from a single guy, asking if I'd like to chat/meet for a drink. I'd already rejected him once, but instead of telling him this, I simply, and politely, declined his interest once again. The message I received back was along the lines of 'such a shame, you can't judge a book by its cover'.  And he is right, of course. You know that and I know that. However, what he failed to give me credit for was doing my homework before replying and of course, respecting my opinion, to some degree. I hadn't judged him by his cover alone. I had read his blurb and furthermore I'd read the reviews, (which were all good), but just because the likes of Nuts and FHM like what they see it doesn't mean The Guardian and The Times will have the same opinion, surely? So therefore its necessary to draw our own conclusions based on what we see.

Now I know I'm here looking for physical encounters of a sensual and hopefully exhilarating and liberating nature, and so to a large extent, the enjoyment, or thrill should be more about the content than the cover, but I have to get hooked in the first place. I mentioned in a post last year, how I felt seduced by browsing the displays in Waterstones; being a tactile woman, and turned on by visuals, I felt incredibly overwhelmed by the array of  books on offer, but after much browsing, I picked up just three for further deliberation and subsequently chose only one. The cover, the blurb, the image, and the opening chapter, all backed up by reviews I considered a trusted source, made the purchase an easy choice.

I'm just as selective when it comes to sexual partners, but I'm not looking to buy, only borrow,  so therefore the swinging scene is my library, somewhere I can go to escape real life and delve into a fantasy world for a short time. There will always be a drama somewhere in the mix, but in the main my personal anthology of short stories will contain action, adventure, humour, romance and hopefully a little bit of kink too, when the mood strikes and they all provide a quick fix in their own unique way.

But in the meantime I have a handful of favourites - the novels, classics if you will, that are to be taken chapter by chapter, savoured and enjoyed, because quite frankly they are exceptionally well written and deserve my undivided attention.

I also have to turn this on its head and consider the fact that I too, am someone's choice of reading material and from that perspective I think very carefully about how, and by whom, I want to be handled. Those that go through a very similar selection process, are easily detected. Having observed from a distance, they make their approach and from their opening lines, its obvious they have done their homework. You can see it in their eyes, their body language is a giveaway, and they never jump in right away either. They continue their research by engaging in conversation, and study each chapter in turn, showing both patience and a genuine interest to learn more. They are intelligent enough to understand that so much more pleasure is to be gained once the main character has been understood. So, once the ground work is complete, and I'm totally happy, only then will the invitation be given to open the cover and run their fingers down the spine of this sophisticated and intriguing mystery.

Happy reading,

K x

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Being Spontaneous

You know how it is, you chat to someone on line for well over a year, trying to fix a date to eventually meet up and then finally you receive a message to say 'I'm in the area'.

Your heart skips a beat and you respond without hesitation.

'Ooh whereabouts?'

He's less than five miles down the road. I have half an hour free.

'How long have you got?' I ask

'What did you have in mind?' he replies

'I could join you for coffee, if you give me ten minutes to get ready.'

I hit the send button enthusiastically but gutted I can't offer anything else.

'Where can we meet?'

I quickly decide on a coffee house in my home town, and send details along with my phone number.

I race to the bathroom, freshen up, change my underwear (even though this is just a social), throw on some clean clothes and grab my coat.

I pull into the coffee house car park to be greeted with a warm smile from a dark haired guy sitting in a black Mercedes.

The first thing I notice are his good looks, then I notice his attire; polished shoes, black trousers, white shirt, dark tie and a navy three quarter length overcoat. I'm sold.

We order coffee and head for the quietest corner of the cafe. I sit on a two seater sofa and for a moment I thought he was going to perch next to me, but he hesitated, and finally sat on a single seat to my left.

We chat easily. The coffees are brought to our table. I remove my coat, lean forward and reach for my cappuccino, making some quip about getting my top lip embarrassingly covered in cream. He laughs and mutters something about an innuendo. I like the fact he has a sense of humour.

'It is lovely to meet you at long last. We've been chatting for months.'
'I know. If my circumstances were different today, I'd be inviting you back to my place.' I tell him
'Oh really?' He was genuinely taken aback by the comment.

The conversation flows and right throughout, his behaviour is reserved, respectful. As for me, well, you know I'm an insatiable flirt. My body language remains open, I give him all the signs that I'm interested and I am disappointed that I genuinely don't have enough time to take this further.

Time passes quickly. With the coffees finished, he settles the bill and we leave on the agreement that we get together when diaries allow.

Let's hope I don't have to wait too long.

K x